+150 SEO tools: the definitive list

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Surely you have seen a large number of lists on different websites where the tools that are recommended for SEO are always the same, but ordered in a different way.

In fact, you only need to go around Google by searching for the “SEO Tools” type to verify that there are many people telling you what to use.

I have tried to go a little further and I have proposed to create the most extensive list of which there is evidence in the Spanish language. Thus, you will have a good compendium of all those web positioning tools that may be useful to you at any given time.

SEO Tools List


As you will see, I have differentiated the tools according to the service they perform and the specific section in which they can help you, and, in addition, I have added a small information point at the beginning of each one of them so that you know if it is paid or free.

Finally, it should be noted that many of these SEO tools work very well in English, but may tend to fail slightly in Spanish. That is why I recommend that you… Learn English! Or try them before deciding.

The first thing I want to show you is a great tool that Sergio Ramírez has created, which can help you make one of the things that most often cause us problems when we start in the world of Digital Marketing, a Marketing budget.

Once you have your budget prepared, choose the tools that will help you carry out your Marketing project.

And, without further ado, let’s go!

These first tools are specially designed for you to use in your link building tasks . They are tools that, to a certain extent, make it easier for you to find links and sites where they are likely to be interested in your content (and, consequently, where you may be able to get links).



Linkaffinity is today one of the best tools that, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, will allow us to carry out and manage our Linkbuinding campaigns. Since you can carry out the investigation, analysis and contacts of your possible links. It is novel and also in constant evolution.

Authority Spy


Authority Spy’s main objective is to help you find influencers in your sector and in the space in which you operate. Discover those people who shake up the industry the most by entering Twitter, Followerwonk and other similar tools.



Surely you have found yourself, on occasion, sending emails to influencers to get links from their blogs. It is a healthy practice, but when you want to climb to a higher point, it becomes arduous.

Buzzstream facilitates this work, allowing you to have all your networking work organized by email to finally get your link building to fruition without forgetting anyone.

Check My Links


I bet you know the Link Building technique for Broken Links (you know, tell a website owner with a broken link to fix it by linking to you). In that case, you need a tool like this.

It is a very simple extension for Chrome that, with a single click, lets you know which links are broken on a page. In addition, it shows it in a very visual way.

Citation Labs Broken Link Finder


This tool can be used for the same as the previous one, but it is a bit more radical. Simply, you enter the keyword that interests you, and click to track … And it crawls the entire web looking for broken links on pages related to your keyword .

In addition, the tool shows you a score so that you know in what percentage that particular website is related to the theme of your keyword. In addition, you can order the results in such a way that it shows you in first position those pages with broken links that receive the most links (ideal to achieve authority).

Citation Labs Link Prospector


An almost industrial solution for link building. If you want to do SEO White Hat, but with the Black Hat automation that saves so much work and time, you need this tool.

It is, quite simply, impressive. Crawl the web for pages, guest posting opportunities, comments, expert interviews, etc. Always related to your keyword , and where you can leave a link.

Content Marketer


If you are one of those people who prefers to get the links of great potential after having done some networking work , this tool will be useful for you. It is a tool that allows you to extract all the contact information of the people that interest you.

On the other hand, you have the option of sending emails with predefined templates , not only for guest posting, but also for LinkedIn, for example (which can even help you find a job).

Domain Hunter Plus


This tool is similar to Check My Links , but, incidentally, it lets you know if the domain originally linked (and now broken), is available to be registered. The truth is that you rarely find a free domain , but it is good to take that into account.

Free Broken Link Checker

Free with paid version

This tool is also dedicated to looking for broken links , but instead of crawling the specific page the user is on, it crawls the entire website, and gives you a good list of opportunities to contact and get a link.



This tool is quite advanced software for prospecting bloggers. It has a lot of features, but it is actually very simple to use.

You just have to enter some keywords in your sector, and filter the results according to the Domain Authority and the date of the last publication, so that you find a good number of bloggers talking about the same thing as you.

Of course, you can also send them messages directly using this platform.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Free with paid version

HARO can help you get those great links from online newspapers like The New York Times. It is a somewhat complicated tool to use, in the sense that it is not your typical SEO tool, but once you get used to it, you can get spectacular links with little difficulty.

Inky Bee


It is not the best tool to find bloggers in your sector, but it works quite well and you can get a good use out of it . Basically, you enter the keyword that interests you and the tool shows you the most prominent bloggers in your sector.

Of course, it allows you to sort it by Domain Authority and Page Authority , and offers you the contact details.



Linkbird is a tool for Keyword Research , Rank Tracking , Backlinks Analysis and Link Building. All in one. The advantage it has over other options is that it sends you an email every time it discovers that there is a new opportunity to create a link.



LinkMiner is like Check My Links, but on steroids . Like some other tools, LinkMiner takes care of looking for links all on a page, but also, with this free extension for Chrome , you will know how many links are pointing to the page that has that broken link.

In addition, another great advantage of this tool is that it shows you that information in the Google SERPs , so you can have very useful information in view without having to go page by page.



Linkody lets you know when you have a chance to get a new link, but also informs you when you have lost one . In addition, it has the advantage of informing you via email when your competitors have won an additional link, so that you can try to get that same link for yourself.



Linkstant sends you an email every time you get a new link.

This may seem not very useful, but the truth is that it can give you the opportunity to generate a relationship with that person who has linked you and, in the long term, get more links on their part. Remember that an important part of SEO is networking.

Muck rack


Muck Rack will allow you to get links and mentions from authority sites, such as online newspapers or large portals. The advantage of Muck Rack is that it simplifies all the work of contacting journalists, saving you a good deal of time and work. Afterwards, the task of convincing them is your task.

As an interesting fact, it should be noted that the tool offers a directory of journalists extracted from more than 500 digital media , and includes useful information, such as their latest tweets, or updated contact information.

Ninja outreach


Ninja Outreach allows you to find prominent people in your industry and get in touch with them. It does not offer more, but neither less. It is a simple but useful tool.


Free with paid version

Ontolo is a tool for those people who are almost exclusively dedicated to Link Building. Basically, the tool consists of entering a keyword, selecting the type of link you want to get, and it returns the information to you in a spreadsheet. Simple and effective.



A good tool to promote content. You enter some keywords related to your content, and it shows you different websites that cover that type of content, indicating the quality of the website in the most relevant aspects of SEO .



An essential tool to get links. The main advantage of this tool compared to others that allow you to know the possibilities of getting links, is that it is very clear and easy to use , also throwing you relevant information.

Quick URL Opener


If you are one of those link building lovers, and who enjoy getting links to mansalva. You need this tool, which is also free. With it you will get, suddenly, a huge amount of pages where your link could look good.

Then, you will have to contact the owners of the website and convince them. Without a doubt, one of the best tools of this type .



This tool is one of the best when it comes to correcting Penguin or manual bans for having an unnatural link profile. Basically, it allows you to remove those links that are hurting you.

The infinite advantage that this tool has over the others is that it gives you information about each and every one of your links , discovering which ones are damaging you.


Free with paid version

This tool is the best (yes, better than the previous one, even) in the field of removing poor quality links . It has the advantage of offering you contact information so that you can ask the owners of the websites that are negatively affecting you to remove the link.



Although ScrapeBox was created for Black Hat SEO, the truth is that it has a large number of utilities for White Hat. An essential tool in the arsenal of any SEO, and that will allow you to find link options, contact information, or even do keyword research.

Siege Media Embed Code Generator


This is the best tool to create the “embed code” for your infographics . With it, you can define a large number of small details and, of course, add a link for the infographic to lead to your original post.

Technical SEO Tools

These tools are intended to help you when performing the more technical tasks of SEO, such as On Page optimization and other types of analysis . As you will see, here are some of the best known.


This suite of tools will help you in many of the SEO processes that you should usually carry out in any SEO project.


Your web crawler that will make your onpage work much easier, since it will analyze Content, Architecture, Performance, Duplicate Content and many other factors, you should try it.




Its Creators define it as:

The most advanced tool for SEO analysis and content quality.

After testing it, I can tell you that it is a great tool that will help us optimize the content of our website.

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the service of SEO, does a great job analyzing a large number of factors that affect our positioning, highly recommended

All in One SEO Pack

Free with paid version

The alternative to the famous SEO By Yoast . Without a doubt, one of the best plugins for WordPress and other CMS when it comes to preparing your website for SEO. It does have a few small advantages over Yoast, so keep that in mind.

Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster Tools is pretty good if you plan to rank on Bing . Of course, do not expect a tool as useful and well prepared as Google’s.

As a special fact to note here, mention that Bing has a very good Keyword Analysis tool , which can show you keywords that the Google planner would never reveal.

Bright Local


One of the best tools for conducting Local SEO audits. It allows you to find duplicate information, helps you if you have changed your address, and allows you to know if people’s opinions and reviews are more or less constant (and positive, of course).



A curious tool that allows you to know how search engine spiders see your site . As you can see, the view that spiders have of your website is quite different from that of humans.


Free with paid version

DareBoost analyzes the load on your website and shows you which errors you should correct , both those that have dramatic characteristics and should be corrected on the spot, as well as those that are not so important, but should be solved.



As the name itself suggests, DeepCrawl is a crawler that, when telling you what your website is, starts working like crazy, going through each and every page of the site, and throwing you information about the SEO On Page of each one of them .

Google analytics


What can be said about Google Analytics that is not already known? The most popular tool for web analytics. It will allow you to know in detail everything that happens on your website, and it will give you the necessary information to optimize it and take it to the next level.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer


As you may already know, there are a lot of Russians (not just Russians, but most of them are) trying to spam you with Google Analytics. Not only is this annoying, it distorts the data you get and prevents you from making the right decisions. With Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer, you can solve this problem easily .

Google Mobile-Friendly Test


The most comfortable, easy and intuitive tool you can find to determine if your website is Mobile-Friendly in the eyes of Google, or not . At the end of the day, it is the Google tool, and it is so intuitive that it will answer you with a concise “Yes” or “No”.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights


Google’s tool to know how long it takes to load your website . There are other better tools, but this one has the advantage of being official from Google, and giving you information for the mobile version and the desktop version, as well as suggestions for corrections that you should make.

Google Search Console


Better known as Google Webmaster Tools . The most interesting tool that Google offers, since, with it, you will have relevant information from the hand of the great G. It will allow you to know errors, so that you can solve them, and it will also provide you with general but very useful information to define future strategies.

Google XML Sitemaps

Free with paid version

Surely you already know this plugin, but it does not hurt to remember it and include it in the list. It is one of the plugins to create Sitemaps that are best with SEO, basically because it is specially designed for Google. Way better than Yoast’s, trust me.



This is, in my opinion, the best tool to know the loading time of your website (extracting the information from the official Google and Yahoo tools). In addition, it offers you a huge amount of tips to correct errors and improve loading time.



LinkPatrol is a Paid plugin for WordPress that allows you to know at all times what are the outgoing links on your site. In addition, it has the ability to remove certain links or automatically put them in nofollow.


Free with paid version

One of many tools that allow you to carry out an SEO audit about the On Page and content aspects. There are many similar tools, and this, in my opinion, is not the best of them all. However, it should be taken into account .

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator


An additional tool in the world of sitemaps . It will allow you to check if your Sitemap is working correctly or has an error. It doesn’t have much more mystery, really.

Microdata Generator


This tool is especially useful for local businesses that want to have Schema microdata so that Google can extract as much information as possible (and, in some cases, publish it in the SERPs, increasing your CTR).

You just have to enter the basic information of your business, and the tool returns you the code with the microdata.

Open SEO Stats


It is a complement for Chrome or Firefox, which will help us a lot. An all-in-one tool that, although it may slightly fail, can give you a general idea of ​​how the sites you want to analyze work. With this tool you can, in short, obtain information about the Alexa Ranking, the indexed pages, the loading time, etc. All in one tool.

Penguin Tool


The Penguin Tool allows you to know if you have been penalized by Penguin in a simple way. Basically, Penguin Tool gets the data from your Google Analytics, and places a series of lines that indicate when Google took the penguin for a walk. So, if you see that after one of those walks, your visits fell, you can be sure that Penguin attacked you.

Raven Tools


A professional level tool focused on digital marketing agencies. With this tool, you can be sure that you are using the most professional web auditing tool available today.

Among other interesting things about the tool compared to other similar ones, is the fact that it informs you of what you have to correct, including content that may be from the point of view of Google Panda.

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool


Again, if your Google Analytics is suffering from the Referrer Spam attack, you can find a good solution in this tool. Like the one we pointed out above, this tool connects to your Google Analytics and applies a series of filters to make spam traffic disappear.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox


A simple plugin for WordPress, which basically adds a box when adding links from the WordPress editor, so you can place the Nofollow attribute quickly and comfortably . It has no more mystery, but saves time and work.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Free with paid version

One of the best software to identify errors on your website, as well as being able to be used for other aspects of SEO , such as link building (although that requires a little more originality).

The free version may be enough, but if you want to analyze your website in depth and know each and every one of the errors it has, you should get the paid version.

WooRank SEO & Website Analysis


This Chrome extension allows you to know relevant information about any website from your own browser. You just have to press the button on the extension, and it automatically goes to work, conducting an audit and throwing you the most important information.

SEO Friendly Images

Free with paid version

This is a very useful plugin for those websites that started without knowing much about SEO and are currently trying to optimize it. Those websites generally have a lot of poorly optimized images .

You can optimize them one by one, or you can use this plugin to change the ALT texts or titles in bulk.

SEO Monitor


SEO Monitor is a very useful tool to check your progress in the SEO of a website. You can take the information from Google Analytics and mix it with the information of the keywords for which you are ranking, in order to give you a hand when it comes to ending the “Not Provided”. Without a doubt, a very interesting and useful feature .

SEO Site Checkup


An ultra-simple tool to perform SEO audits on a website. Includes backlink analysis and reports about SEO On Page and site speed . It’s not the ultimate tool, but it works really well.

SEO Browser

Free with paid version

Basically, it allows you to see your website through the eyes of search engine spiders . It has no more mystery.



This tool allows you to know the situation of your websites in the rankings, but, more importantly, it allows you to know how volatile the position changes have been (in general, not in your particular case), in Google. Thus, you can easily answer the question: “Has everyone had a change in the rankings or just me?”

Site Analyzer


Another web auditing tool . It is a little expensive. For $ 10 you can have 100 scans of different pages. However, the information it provides is quite useful. However, I do not consider it the best tool for this work.

Site Condor


One of the most interesting tools to carry out SEO audits. It is a tool that really does the audit in depth , and does not stay only on the surface.

In fact, you are likely to get a little pissed off to see that this tool shows you a lot more errors than you thought you had. However, it also gives you recommendations to solve problems.

Finally, it should be noted that the tool has a very visual way of showing what the link structure of your website is, which will give you useful information to improve your internal linking.

Varvy SEO Tool


Another tool for conducting web audits . The advantage of this tool is that it shows some information about social networks, which is always interesting. It’s not the best, but it’s free, so you can use it if you still don’t think you need a professional tool to perform web audits.

Webbee SEO Spider Tool


This tool is similar to Screaming Frog , but with the advantage of having graphics and some special types of filter to show the information obtained in a more visual way. A good tool to check the health of your SEO On Page.

Website Penalty Indicator


Similar to the one we mentioned earlier about possible Penguin bans. The advantage is that it is free. The disadvantage is that, as I have been able to verify, it does not include all the occasions in which the different animals go out for a walk.



This is an essential tool if you dedicate yourself to doing Local SEO for clients . You can find a large number of links and mentions from your competitors, and reverse engineer them to receive those same mentions.



One of the best tools to perform On Page analysis of your website , for newbies to the subject. One of the best in the field of web auditing. Of course, the price is somewhat high.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Free with paid version

Probably the most successful SEO plugin. And the reason is simple: It works . It is the SEO plugin that most people use, although, in practice, it does not have much difference compared to All In One SEO Pack. It is the one that I recommend using in your WordPress projects.

Zadroweb SEO Auditor


Another SEO audit tool. It is not by far the best option, but it is free, making it an acceptable opportunity for those who do not want to invest in a professional tool yet.

Tools for Keyword Research

Next, I show you a list of some of the most important tools that you should take into account when doing keyword analysis . As you can see, the world does not end with the Google Keyword Planner … There are many more!

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


If you’re looking for new keywords, try mixing up three different keyword lists, see what happens. That is what this tool does. It will allow you to mix lists of keywords , which you can then check in the Google Planner to see if there are any interesting ones.

Answer The Public


Answer The Public combines Google Autosuggest with the most common questions people ask on Google. In this way, you can get information about the questions that people ask on Google, but related to your keyword.



Basically, what this tool does is scribble the questions that people ask on the websites that you ask. In this way, you will be able to extract a large number of opportunities to create content that people are demanding.



One of the best tools for keyword analysis. What this tool does is scrape a large number of important websites, such as Amazon, Bing, Ebay, etc. Then it shows you the results. The advantage of the tool is that it is not a monthly Paid, but with a single Paid of € 49 purchases for life.

Google Correlate


This tool, provided by Google, is quite underrated in the SEO world, and it shouldn’t be that way, as it is quite good. Basically, the tool shows you correlations . 

For example, if you enter the keyword “dukan diet”, it will inform you that people who search for that keyword also search for “dukan diet recipes”.

Google Keyword Planner


The basic tool and from where any keyword analysis should start. In addition, this tool allows you to know if the keyword in question is going to bring you benefits because the person doing the search is interested in buying something (for this, you only have to check the columns of “Competition” and “Suggested bid”) .

Google Trends


I recommend that before launching any keyword that you think is good, check if it really is in Google Trends . After all, you don’t want to optimize your website for a keyword that is on its way to dying because it is getting less and less popular.

That is what Google Trends does, inform you of the trend that a keyword has, so you know if, by betting on it, you will go up or down.



A fairly reasonable tool, which is a bit pricey, but it allows you to get a good amount of keywords that you would not otherwise find. Has a good question scraper.



HitTail basically does two things (and it does them quite well): It shows the keywords that bring you the most traffic (helping you solve the not-provided problem), and it makes you some keyword suggestions that you may find useful .

The truth is that it shows quite interesting keywords, so it is advisable, at least, to test it.

Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator


If you do SEO for companies or local individuals, such as electricians or locksmiths, this tool can be very useful . You just have to tell the tool what profession your client has, and what city they are from, and it quickly shows you a list of keywords that people usually search with those two elements.


Free with paid version

It is a fairly simple seo tool to use, which focuses on helping you find words related to one you already have . That is, if you enter the keyword “dog food”, it will show you keywords such as “food for a few months old dogs”.

Keyword Combiner


This tool was created for use in AdWords , but it is also very useful for SEO work, so it would be stupid not to use it. Basically, it consists of entering different keywords, and the tool mixes them all to throw you new keywords (remember to evaluate in the Google Planner if they are interesting or not).

Keyword eye

Free with paid version

A good keyword tool that allows you to see all the suggestions in a keyword cloud , where the keywords with the largest size are the ones with the highest volume of searches, and where the color indicates the competition in AdWords.

Keyword Revealer

Free with paid version

A simple tool and without much to highlight about it, except for the visual aspect of its “Keyword Tree”. Thanks to this, you can get more and more keywords, increasingly long tail.

Keyword Snatcher


This tool is one of the ones that can give you the most ideas. Probably the most. It does this thanks to its scraping of different websites where people usually search.

Or in vain, if you search for a keyword like “paleo diet”, you can get up to 15,000 additional keywords . It is no small thing. The problem is, it doesn’t show you how many people are searching for each keyword, so you’ll have to manually upload the list to Google Planner to extract that information.

Keyword Tool Dominator


This tool is limited to scraping the “autocomplete” of different websites, such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, Bing, etc. In this way, you get a greater number of keywords than using tools that only scrape Google Suggests.


Free with paid version

A good keyword analysis tool, but without special features. It works in a similar way to SEMRush: You enter the URL of your site, and it shows you the keywords for which you are ranking, and suggestions. However, SEMRush is better, why are we going to fool ourselves.


Free with paid version

An exceptional tool that scrapes the Google Autocomplete in the best possible way. Without fear of being wrong, we can affirm that it is the best tool doing that job.

Although Google tried to restrict access to its Google Autocomplete, the tool has found a way to solve the problem, and it still works perfectly .


Free with paid version

An alternative to the Google Keyword Planner , much easier to use and with updated information. If you want to have Google information in a more elegant way, and with some additional data for SEO, this tool interests you.

Long Tail Pro


One of the best known tools for this type of work. Quite easy to use, and it has a most interesting element, which is to apply filters to obtain only those keywords that meet certain characteristics (such as a minimum of monthly searches, or a minimum bid greater than X €).

Power Suggest Pro


This tool helps you find useful keywords for your business by scraping suggestions from Google or Wikipedia , among other portals. In addition, it has an option that allows you to know what the most common search terms are.



Probably the best keyword analysis tool on the market. Its operation is quite similar to that of any other tool: You enter a keyword, and it shows you suggestions. But SECockpit can do much more.

Among other things, you can apply filters of different types, it shows you information about the results on Amazon or YouTube for those keywords, it allows you to take advantage of the similar searches that Google shows at the end of the SERPs …

Without a doubt, a much more complete tool than the alternatives , although with a fee.

Seed Keywords


This tool is a bit different from the others. It is based on asking a question, such as: “How would you find a hotel to stay in Barcelona?”, And then automatically asking a large number of people .

After you have collected the answers, Seed Keywords gives you a list that you can export in a .CSV.


Free with paid version

Undoubtedly, one of the best known tools in the world of SEO, and an essential part in the arsenal of any professional in the sector. Not only does it help you do your own Keyword Research, but it also allows you to know the keywords of your competition .

To give you an idea, you can place the website of one of your competitors, and SEMRush will show you all the keywords for which that website is ranking. Endlessly useful.

SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools


This tool has several options that allow you to greatly improve technical SEO and Keyword Research . It is very easy to use, and allows you to get a good amount of additional keywords that you might not be able to find otherwise.



An acceptable Keyword Research tool , although, considering that it is paid, I think there are more recommended options . However, its competition analysis deserves special attention, with which you can get an idea of ​​how difficult it will be to position that specific keyword in Google, based on several factors.


Free with paid version

A very interesting tool to do some Brainstorming . It will not show you the monthly searches for each keyword you get, but it will allow you to extract an impressive list that you can later check in the Google Planner.

It also has the option “Questions”, which will allow you to know the questions that people ask about your topic, which can give you a good guide to create content. The questions are in English, but you can adapt them to Spanish .


Free with paid version

This tool allows you to obtain a general knowledge about the organic traffic that the competition gets, what keywords it receives, some metrics related to engagement, etc.

In addition, it shows you websites that are similar or that have to do with the website you are analyzing, so that you can further extend your possibilities .



A simple but effective tool. Basically, it scribes the suggested searches from a large number of sites, such as Google, Youtube, Amazon or Wikipedia . In this way, you get a lot of additional possibilities that you did not have.


Free with paid version

The SpyFu tool was previously quite bad and buggy, but in recent times, they have made some really positive changes that have made it a very interesting SEO-oriented tool.

Among other interesting options, it will allow you to find those keywords for which your competitors are competing, and it will recommend you attack them or not depending on how similar your authority is with respect to them.

Suggestion Keyword Finder


Another tool for brainstorming . It’s free and it gives you a good list of keywords, so you shouldn’t forget to use it. Even if it only shows you a couple more than those shown by the other tools… it will have been free!



TermExplorer is a solid and highly effective tool. It will throw you a huge number of interesting keywords. The problem is that it is paid, and there are some others that are also very good, once you are willing to pay for one of these tools.



The first tool to scrape Google suggestions . It still works fine, although it is a bit awkward, in my opinion, when it comes to displaying the larger long tails.

Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools


The tool was originally intended for AdWords, but like most tools created for AdWords, it is also very useful for SEO . I recommend that you use the “Keyword Niche Finder” option, as it returns a good number of keywords that are difficult to find using other programs.



This tool has its own internal keyword index. Why might this interest you? Basically, because, through this tool, you can get keywords that Google simply does not want to teach you.

In addition, WordTracker shows you the existing competition on the first page of Google for the keyword in question, and has a very interesting option to obtain long-tail information related to a main keyword.

Wordtracker Scout


This is an extension for Google Chrome that will allow you to find keywords from a piece of content on any website. You simply go to a website with written content, press the letter W, and it throws you a host of keyword ideas .

Tools to track rankings

Next, I show you a list of tools with which you can track your positions in the Google rankings , so that you have a constant knowledge of how you are positioning and how your competitors are doing.

Advanced Web Ranking


An interesting tool that takes some of the most important features of SEMRush and Authority Labs to create a solid tool that gives good results in terms of position tracking and keyword research.

AMZ Tracker


If you sell products on Amazon, AMZ Tracker is a must-have tool for you. It allows you to know your rankings on the American Amazon website, but also on Amazon websites in other countries.

Of course, it also provides information related to positioning factors within Amazon , such as positive reviews or high resolution images.

Authority Labs


The simplest and most functional position tracking tool on the market, without losing potential . The cheapest plan allows you to track up to 250 keywords, and has special features for Local SEO.


Free with paid version

This is a fairly advanced tool to specialize in Local SEO position tracking . As you well know, if you try to find out how you are ranking by “Restaurant Barcelona”, most of the tracking tools are not useful, since you are not interested in searches made from Bilbao, but rather those made from Barcelona.

That is what this tool does. You choose the keyword and the location, and it shows you a report with the positions you are obtaining both in Google’s organic results and in Google Local results.

Microsite Masters

Free with paid version

This is a pretty good tool when it comes to tracking positions on Google . It has an interesting feature, called Scoreboard , and it shows you which pages have had the most movement (both up and down), which gives you an idea of ​​which keywords may be requiring your attention.

Pro Rank Tracker

Free with paid version

One of the most used position tracking tools . It’s powerful and has a good interface, and it also allows you to track hundreds of keywords, as well as organize and categorize them to make it easier to track.

Rank Ranger


A good tool to track positions in Google , which additionally has tools to carry out On-Page audits, keyword analysis and competitor analysis. Nothing bad.



It is a relatively new tool but one that is showing great effectiveness and tremendous ease of use to track positions and also allows geolocation of the location, although it requires an initial investment to buy the module or seobox machine, I think it is worth it. they are adding other functionalities little by little.

Rival IQ


Rival IQ shows your presence in terms of SEO and Social Media in relation to your competitors. It will allow you to know if your competition is having more mentions on social networks, if you are ranking behind in any keyword, etc.

Search Latte


The best way to know how you are positioning in search engines in other countries. You do n’t need to have proxies or VPNs . Simply, you enter the keyword that interests you, and select the country from the list of more than 150 that the web offers you.

SEO Rank Monitor


This tool allows you to track your positions in relation to those of your competitors. In this way, you will not only be able to have your keywords controlled, but you will also be able to see if there is a competitor that can dispute it. It also works on Youtube.



SERanking is a fairly high-quality tool that allows you to control your rankings and also offers you some related keywords that could be good for you. It also has a functionality to perform an audit of your website, although in the section dedicated to this we have offered higher quality alternatives.


Free with paid version

It does what it promises. It is a Rank Tracker with no other aspirations than to tell you where the keyword that interests you is . Nothing else.



This tool is a bit more professional than the alternatives , and is geared towards businesses. In addition, the tracking tool is accompanied by a Keyword Research tool, with which it complements quite well.

It has an interesting feature to do A / B Tests. For example, you can take a page positioning for a specific keyword, change the title or some other SEO On Page feature and, after a week or a month, see how the position has changed.



This is another tool for companies that allows you to control rankings. However, it does provide some other valuable information , such as social signals, backlinks, anchor texts, etc.

The option “Keyword Opportunities” also allows you to know a whole list of keywords for which your competition is competing, but you are not yet.



This tool is very good to control your rankings, but not only. It also has other features , such as analyzing the technical aspects of your website, performing keyword analysis, and other interesting aspects for SEO.


Free with paid version

Especially recommended for tight budgets. The free version will allow you little more than to know how the tool works , but for just $ 8 a month you can get some pretty powerful services, so keep that in mind.



Wordtail is a good tool to track your rankings, with quite professional features, such as in-depth reports, the ability to group and categorize keywords, competitor analysis, etc.

Tools to optimize content

Here I show you a list of tools with which you can optimize your content , so that they are much better adapted to the environment in which you are going to compete (or, simply, so that you are inspired and create high quality content).


Free with paid version

This tool has a short life in relation to the others on the list, but, in the short time it has been with us, it has become something basic in our arsenal. And no wonder, it is the best tool to find the best content.

It has a large number of functionalities, even in its free version, so you should pay close attention to it and put it to good use, especially if you are one of those who are looking for links by creating excellent content.

Can I Rank

Free with paid version

This tool answers the question “Can I rank this keyword?”. Basically, it works by comparing your website with the website that is in the first position when ranking for a specific keyword.



As you well know, adding LSI keywords to your content can give you a tremendous boost in rankings. The question here is: What LSI Keywords do I use? The tool gives you the answer, and not only in relation to “similar keywords”, but, to a certain extent, it is able to identify what the keyword is about , and gives you related ideas, even if they do not start from the same word key. A very interesting tool, and free.



Similar to the previous one, but without the ability to “understand” the word you are introducing. In any case, it is a very interesting tool to fatten up your current content with LSI Keywords.



good content analysis tool . Basically, what the tool does is compare the content of your website with similar content on other websites, and it alerts you if your competition is mentioning a keyword that you are not.

In this way, you can add related keywords to your content, and compete in a better way with enemy websites.


Free with paid version

This tool is dedicated to tracking the content you have published and making recommendations and suggestions to make your articles more friendly in the eyes of Google. It has a plugin for WordPress to make all the work easier .


Free with paid version

A very interesting tool to optimize the technical aspects of your SEO On Page, but especially of your content . It is of German manufacture, so it deserves special attention.

Among its most interesting features is its ability to identify related keywords that the competition uses regularly when treating your main keyword, and that you do not use in the same way.

Scribe by Copyblogger


A very interesting tool that combines SEO in old school content and SEO in new school content . Fundamentally, what this tool does is show you to what extent a content is optimized in the eyes of Google, but also how much it is in the eyes of users.

SEO Plugin By Squirrly

Free with paid version

This plugin for WordPress will allow you to know in a simple and fast way if your content is optimized for Google or not . In addition, the plugin has a Keyword Research tool that is integrated into the WordPress editor itself, which is useful.



This tool does not have much mystery. Basically, it analyzes your content to see if it is correctly optimized for SEO , and it tells you the result in a simple and comfortable way to read. Basic, but functional.

SEO only


Only SEO analyzes your website in depth, from the point of view of technical aspects, content, keywords … In short, an all-in-one tool that places a little more emphasis on content analysis.



This tool shows you those contents that are hitting Twitter , so that you can take advantage of that pull by creating related content to get good traction. Especially dedicated to newsjacking addicts.



This tool is, on the one hand, a tool, and, on the other hand, an online marketing course, so it should be taken into account, if only for that .

Fortunately, the advantages of this tool do not end there. The main thing about this tool is that it is the best tool for small businesses looking to do SEO themselves, since it not only shows errors, but also gives information about how to correct them very comfortably.

Finally, we show you some tools to analyze backlinks , so that you can try different options and choose the one that is most useful for your objectives. Some have special features, but all of them have backlink analysis as a fundamental feature.


Free with paid version

Without a doubt, the most powerful tool in this market . None comes close, but not even close. In addition, it has a large number of functionalities and is updated daily, so you will never go wrong with it.

If you want a quality tool to analyze links, use Ahrefs, even if it is expensive. It is true that it has a small free version, but if you want to get all the juice and enjoy it well, you have to go to the checkout.

It is one of the tools that I like the most for studying the incoming links of a website.



A very interesting tool, which focuses, above all, on the analysis of links, and which has the option “Unnatural Link Detection”, which will allow you to eliminate those risky links that could lead to a penalty.



fairly complete tool for those SEOs that already have more professional characteristics . It has several additional functionalities, in addition to link analysis, but it is specially designed for the latter (in fact, it has a very good option to detect dangerous links).

Link Research Tools


A good inbound link analysis tool, which also has some options to find possibilities to create new links (although it focuses on the former, fundamentally).

Like so many other similar tools, Link Research Tools has a very simple option to identify dangerous links.

Majestic SEO

Free with paid version

One of the best options when it comes to backlink analysis . If Ahrefs did not exist, you would have to use this other option, as it is probably the second best on the market.

In addition, it provides important metrics, such as TrustFlow or CitationFlow . It also has the option “Clique Hunter”, which shows you websites that usually link to your competitors, but not to you. That way, you can find link building opportunities.

Backlinks Monitor


An intuitive tool that allows you to keep a good control of all the new links obtained, as well as some other relevant data . It also keeps you informed of when your competitors receive a new link. And, in addition, its interface is one of the cleanest there is.


Free with paid version

An extension for Chrome and Firefox that shows the Page Authority and the Domain Authority in a simple and comfortable way. In addition, it also shows you that information in the Google SERPs, which is very convenient.

Open Link Profiler

Free with paid version

A fairly powerful tool when it comes to backlink analysis and reverse engineering when analyzing the competition.

It is not as powerful and massive a tool as Ahrefs or MajesticSEO , but it does have some interesting functionalities. For starters, its free version is the best option for backlink analysis, which is already a point in its favor.

Of course, the payment tool has several additional features that make it a good option. The “Hub Finder” option is similar to Majestic SEO’s “Clique Hunter” functionality.

Open Site Explorer

Free with paid version

One of the best known tools for analyzing links, but only because it is from Moz. In my opinion, there are many other better tools than this, and if we compare it with Ahrefs, we don’t even talk.

SEO PowerSuite

Free with paid version

A good suite of tools for SEO , such as keyword analysis, website audit , etc. However, the most notable tool in the suite is the backlink analysis tool.

SEO Tools for Excel

Free with paid version

A tool that provides a huge amount of information about the technical aspects of a website, and a good report of its incoming links … in Excel format . If you are one of those who enjoy spreadsheets, this tool is for you.

SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker


This tool has little mystery. Simply, you put a list of URLs in the text box, press the button, and it takes care of throwing you the PA and DA of said links . Very useful for analyzing lists that would otherwise take days to extract PA and DA.

SEOGadget for Excel


Another simple tool. It is based on taking the information and data from Moz and Majestic, and exporting it quickly and easily to an Excel sheet , so that, later, you can use it as you deem appropriate.



A simple tool that works as a Toolbar for Firefox and Chrome , and that will allow you to know important SEO metrics of any website you visit. Similar to Mozbar (and also has an overlay for SERPs).



This tool gives you a large amount of information quickly about social interactions, links, and Google positions of a specific web page.

Of course, you need the SEMRush or Moz API to get the information of the backlinks and keywords.

URL Profiler


The best tool to extract as much data as you want from a large list of URLs. Where other tools take hours, this tool solves the problem in a few minutes (and also yields more information than the others).

WebMeUp Backlinks Tool

Free with paid version

A tool that stands out for having a link index of almost a billion . However, despite that, it does not manage to compete with the big players in the sector, and, in our opinion, it is missing some additional functionalities.

As you can see, I have dedicated myself to creating not the best list of SEO tools that currently exist in Spanish, but possibly one of the most extensive.

I do not think it is necessary to try them all, but, of course, it is convenient to know that they exist, in case one begins to give you problems, to know the alternative. 

In the end if you work on this SEO you will focus on 4 or 5 in your day to day, and some more for special cases, such as penalties or migrations, but there each one will have their favorites.

I hope this compilation of seo tools has been useful for you  and, if you think that this content can help someone you know, please share it on social networks … The truth is that it has your job to compile a list like this! !

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