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I try to answer your SEO questions

Good morning, today I share with you these 50 SEO tips to solve the questions that my visitors ask on Google before entering my blog. With Google Analytics you can know what your visitors have searched on Google to find you and thus I have realized that many questions about SEO had not been answered in my previous articles.

I recommend my SEO Guide

If you need a Step-by-Step Guide to improve your search engine positioning, I recommend my previous SEO article in 75 steps.

50 Questions about SEO as you have written in Google

1. Is commenting good for website SEO?

It is very good for any page or blog to have comments enabled, at least in the news or blog section. Comments make your site constantly update and Google sees and classifies you as a page with continuous activity.

You may be worried that the keyword density on your page will be blurred by the new words in the comments. I would not worry much because search engines take the first words more into account. You can use some trick to maintain a similar density of words:

  1. Do not repeat the same words that are not your Keywords a lot; for example: Thank you. You will use different words to thank the participation so that Google does not think that your article is about Thank you.
  2. Use your keywords in the comments and take the opportunity to use new phrases and terms that could result in a search and search engine visits.

In addition, comments are essential to be able to connect with the reader and exercise two-way communication 2.0. You should use your page not only to count, but also to listen and participate. The same advice I give you as a reader: comment and share all the interesting articles you read.

2. Five things you can do so that your web page has good positioning

This one has amused me. You are not looking for 4 or 6, you want 5 things to have good SEO. It’s hard to pick and summarize just five things for your page to rank well in search engines, but I’m going to try.

  1. Choose your keywords well. The first step is essential, because you could rank first for keywords that do not give you any results or profitability. First you will need to know how many times each term is searched, for example with Google Trends . If you also want to know the competition of each search, use this Google Adwords tool . The second step is to study the conversion of each keyword to know which ones give you the best profitability. We would use Google Analytics .
  2. Use your keywords well. You will use them to create your titles, you will repeat them in your articles, you will put them from time to time in bold …
  3. Get good links to your pages. Search engines understand the links to your site as recommendations, therefore the websites with more and better recommendations will appear in the first results. The best technique to get quality links is to create great and ambitious content. Also the links obtained in social networks are of great importance.
  4. Take care of the loading speed of your pages. It is another of the most important factors since Google is determined to offer us the best possible experience on the internet. You can use the Gt Metrix tool and check out my 75 Steps to SEO to see what things you can improve.
  5. Good setup of the site and posts. Provide titles and descriptions of images; use Google Webmaster Tools to configure your page; edit a different Meta title and description for each page and study the conversion of each; avoid duplicate content; adapt your website to all mobile devices; avoid Google penalties …
3. Create a website that is visible on mobile devices

It is important for your positioning that visitors stay as long as possible on your page. If your website is not viewed correctly on mobiles and tablets, the average stay time and usability will drop a lot.

You can use a Responsive layout or adapt your current layout to make it one. Responsive or Adaptive design is nothing more than telling your website how you want it to look for different resolutions. With a few new lines of code in your CSS you can make any website Responsive. If you are looking for someone to help you with this, here I am. Check how your page looks on mobile .

4. How long does it take to improve my All in One SEO Pack page?

All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that I recommend. In any case, it is just a tool that we must use and configure to obtain results. Don’t expect that just by installing the plugin your website will jump to the top positions. With it, you must edit and perfect a title and a description of each of your pages.

If you have already worked on it a lot, when will you notice the changes? Well, very fast, in two days. You will see at least that your results in Google already come out with a different title and description.

5. How many SEOs can wordpress have?

This question also amused me and I am going to have to interpret a bit what it means. It is likely referring to the number of SEO plugins a WordPress blog can have. If they are generic SEO plugins with many functions, we can only have one. You will have to choose for example between All in One SEO Pack or SEO by Yoast .

Other small plugins with exclusive functionalities if we can complement them with another generic one. Some templates include SEO functions and most of the time it is possible and advisable to disable them if we use an SEO plugin with the same functions.

6. Where to place the javascript code to improve web positioning?

Javascript is one of the things that weighs the most on our website. Search engines appreciate that the java is loaded in the final part of the process, so visitors will not have to wait for it to be loaded. It would be recommended that the code be loaded through a JS file and not written directly in the Html.

To make the call to load that file, it would be best to put it as low as possible in your Html. Depending on the type of functions, sometimes it may be at the end of the BODY and sometimes at the end of HEAD .

7. SEO tool to see what people ask about a topic

Sometimes we try to find very complicated tools when the best is almost always Google . In this case, with Twitter you will also be able to know thousands of concerns about any subject. If what you want to know is the quantity, what they ask more and what they ask less, then use Google Trends .

8. Do the colors of a website matter for positioning in Google?

How nice, a short one! No.

9. Illegal ways to rank your page first of all

Well, look, I’m going to save this one too, because it doesn’t seem very educational to me, nor does it take me anywhere to explain things like this. Some malice and anecdote has ever escaped me with my students. Also, do not think that there is any method that is not counterproductive when Google catches you. Cheap and easy in SEO is expensive .

10. Page to automatically detect if there is good SEO

Again Google will tell us everything. Enter your keywords in Google search and see the results. If you come out on the first pages, you have good SEO. If you want to evaluate your website in different aspects of SEO and suggest possible improvements, use Woorank for example .

11. Steps to put a page to a search engine

Your pages will appear in search engines when another page that already appears in Google links you. If you want to shorten this step, you can directly send your URL to Google .

12. Who makes the sitemap, the programmer or the SEO?

Anyone because it sucks. In 1 minute for example with XML-Sitemaps .

13. Loss of positions in some keywords when increasing links to others

It is possible that you lose positions in certain keywords if you work on others from a different area and Google classifies you in another category. I think it’s more common for something else to be happening to you. Maybe you have used dubious techniques to get the new links and Google is penalizing you .

14. Where to hire SEO Madrid?

Hey !! Where did you go!! I see that the visitor who searched for this spent 9 minutes and 36 seconds reading my article of the SEO Guide in 75 steps . I don’t know if he learned enough in the end to do SEO on his own. If you have not been good at it, I will make you an SEO budget without obligation . To you if you want too.

15. Plugins to improve search engine rankings

I have already told you about All in One SEO Pack and I can also recommend: Seo by Yoast, W3 Total Cache, XML Sitemaps, JS & CSS Optimizer, P3 Performer, SEO Rank Reporter …

16. What does the SEO of your website mean?

We could define it as the set of actions that we can perform to improve the natural positioning in search engines.

17. SEO rules when making a website

If you are going to start a website from the beginning, you can keep two important things in mind:

  1. Speed: The template and design do not need a lot of loading time.
  2. Responsive: Make the design adaptable for mobiles and tablets.
18. SEO what happens if the posts are deleted?

If a post is deleted, it will immediately disappear from Google results and all the positioning that it could generate. What you can do is create a page with the same URL and content as the post. If you do not link this page on your website, it will be invisible to your other visitors, but it will continue to receive visits from Google.

19. Is it useful to repeat words to be better positioned in Google?

Well, although it seems very basic and very silly: Yes. As long as it is natural and without going too smart.

20. Time required to position yourself in Google

To go out on Google you need 1 day. 

To position yourself well is another thing, it can take a lifetime and not get it. Like everything, it depends on the competition you have. If you do things well and get natural recommendations from other websites, in 1 or 2 months you should have already noticed great results.

21. Does Cloudflare benefit SEO?

Cloudflare is a CDN and therefore benefits SEO in a number of ways. CDNs actually make the visitor enter a parallel copy of your blog hosted on a secure third-party server.

22. How to do SEO with two words?

I understand that you intend to position a keyword consisting of two words. The shorter your keywords, the more competition you will have to position them. The Long Tail theory shows us that it would be convenient to try to position different combinations of these words with others.

To give you an example: it will be very difficult to position “buy car”, and it will be easier and more profitable to work on the SEO of “buy cheap car Madrid”, “buy car that consumes little”, “buy discount car Madrid” …

23. How to position yourself SEO for real?

I have loved it. You’ve spent more than 13 minutes reading through the 75 steps to SEO, so I hope you didn’t find fake SEO.

SEO does what it does, and well done, it delivers guaranteed results .

Of course, we cannot expect miraculous results out of context. A good job of SEO can ensure you get out first for certain searches. If those searches don’t have enough volume and you don’t have a good conversion… then you may mistakenly think it was fake SEO.

24. Free SEO tools

There are zillion thousand. I’ll write an article soon teaching you how to use my favorites, but for now I’m going to give you this little collection that I remember right now: Internet Marketing Ninjas , Woorank , Google Keyword Planner , Cute Rank , Raven SEO tools , Sheer SEO , WebCeo , Nibbler , Authority Labs , SEOChat SEO Tools , SeoMoz , GtMetrix , SEO Book , Screaming Frog …

25. What is the future of SEO?

The future of SEO is going to be in greater demand and with subspecialties in different fields. There are already those who tell me that the SEO that I explain is SEO Off Page and that now it is no longer considered SEO but WPO (Web Performance Optimization). 

Well very good! And there is also the SMO (Social Media Optimization), the GEO SEO and more that will come out.

26. How to improve search engine positioning with Google+?

With Google+ you can publish with a personal profile or with a page profile, similar to Facebook. All the links to your site will help position you, as well as the popularity that the publications and shares could have.

Likewise, your links are being shared on Google+ by other people if you promote it from your blog. As you do on other social networks, it is a good strategy to search and comment on them to help them have more visibility. You have to use Google+ NOW if you are not doing it, and participate with those who share your content if you want to position yourself in Google’s favorite social network.

27. Does an SEO need to know how to program?

Let’s see, programming sounds very serious, but “programming” in Html and Css is learned in 4 afternoons. I understand that if it is necessary for an SEO to know the basics and understand the files. SEO works with the ins and outs of the Web and it would be a great disadvantage not to speak the language. I recommend learning the basics because you could do a lot better like SEO with them.

28. How to find illegal SEO?

I suppose you mean how to know if your website has illegal SEO positioning , and therefore you have lost or are going to lose all your visits with Google penalties. This is the easiest way to know if the positioning of a web is of doubtful arts. Look for the address of that website in quotation marks and see if it has hundreds or thousands of links with the same anchor text in foreign directories, low-quality websites, or meaningless platforms.

29. How to know if they are doing well the web positioning?

How others do SEO for you is easy to check. You will have reached an agreement on the searches you want to position and a compromise of results. Do that search in Google and if you come out first or in the position that you would have agreed, then they have done your SEO well. If you are looking for generic data you can use WooRank .

30. How to use blogs to improve the SEO of your website?

Very easy: Publishing valuable content about your keywords and your market areas. There are millions of people asking questions on Google and you have the opportunity to help them and have them visit you to find that information. Good content will give you inbound links and help you rank in many different searches.

31. Where to put links for SEO?

This is one of the most repeated searches and I have received it in many different ways. A few years ago I also went crazy in finding sites to link to my website, but believe me that SEO is not everything. Generally, the link freak forgets many other things that would give him better results. Still I tell you where to put links :

  1. Current directories and your sector
  2. Forums and discussion groups in which you participate. No spam.
  3. Solve doubts and questions that people ask themselves on the internet. Search with Google.
  4. Register in all social networks and tools, to study them … and to put your links.
  5. Social media posts from you and others are also links to your website
  6. News aggregators such as Meneame, MktFan, Digg, Reedit, Bitacoras, Globedia …
  7. Comment and participate in blogs in your community. Have you tried helping the blog owner respond to all his comments? I assure you that you earn it and it links you in an article. Do the test with mine;)
32. Pages to practice with Google Analytics

It is true that for beginners it can be difficult to practice Google Analytics if you do not have a blog hosted on your own server or hosting. I solve this problem with Tumblr in the Classroom CM Community Manager Course and the students test the Tumblr micro-blogs while practicing with Google Analytics.

33. Is Html good or bad for SEO?

: DGreat! The Html is the language in which are written all web pages. Google values ​​a clean, fast and correct Html, and if you work on positioning you should also value it and at least understand it. If you want to know if the Html of your page complies with the standards, you can use W3 Markup Validator .

34. Is it bad to have SEO twice at the same time?

It is bad to have 2 SEO plugins that do the same functions. If you mean if you can have two SEO workers … no problem as long as they get along and know how to work as a team.

35. Is SEO good to have links to other websites?

On the one hand, we always share our authority when we link to other websites. If we have many links to other pages, it could happen that we share our positioning with them too much. But on the other hand, Google values ​​that we offer valuable resources on our pages, and classifies as interesting content if we share articles or well-positioned and valued sources of information.

What we have to be very careful is to check these links from time to time. It is normal that you happen to have a broken link on your website and you have to be quick to correct them. You can use Internet Marketing Ninja Broken Links to discover the broken links.

36. Make a page for each city for SEO

A strategy to follow can be to position your content for different locations and work the Local S EO from different pages . It can be very laborious to do the same positioning work for many similar websites, so you can also do it within the same page with subdomains or different categories by cities.

37. When I change from Joomla to WordPress I lose positioning

When changing our publishing platform, it is very normal to lose part of the positioning we had. Google will have to reindex our entire site and as much as we put the old content, most of it will be different. You can try to replicate your previous page on the new one as much as possible. Copy the same articles and pages that you had and make sure they have the same URL as before. Also check the inbound links so that there aren’t any broken.

38. Is it good to buy SEO links?

There is a hoax that says that if you buy links you will be penalized by Google . You can only tell if you buy link packages, which I advise against everyone. Generally these 100, 500 or 1000 links are from low quality directories that give clues to Google that we are trying to get links in an unnatural way.

What you can do is make a proposal to any page in your sector to link you permanently or in an article. If it is a page that does not usually do it in a blatant way, the search engines will never be able to know it. Good SEO campaigns with a certain budget usually have the purchase of links and mentions in leading blogs in the sector.

39. More text or more images for positioning?

If there is a choice, more text. Remember to edit a title and description for each image, since Google is the only thing that will understand it. It is convenient that you use at least one different image for each page, and that you try to position it individually with Pinterest and other pages where you can link it.

40. Best SEO site for writing articles

If you mean which blogs you can write as a guest author : Puromarketing is one of the best that does it openly in Spanish. You can still propose it to many other blogs. If you want to write SEO articles and you don’t have a blog, you can also write in Linkedin groups, but I recommend that you create a blog and put what you know into practice.

41. Perfect template for SEO

You must configure and tune the template you use to get the most out of SEO. Your choice is very important since there are things that later it will be very difficult to change. There are two types of templates: some loaded with effects and cool, and others simpler. If we want to do a good positioning with few resources, use one of the second.

Check the loading speed of each template and discover which ones offer you what you need and are fast. With GtMetrix you can see what bugs they have, and if you are experienced you will know which ones you can fix and which ones you cannot. Once the template is chosen, try to remove the load of expendable javascript, even if you lose some functionality.

42. Position a single keyword in SEO

Single word positioning is the most difficult. The method is the same, but the competition is usually huge. Try to use longer keywords that include this word, following more or less the Long Tail Theory .

43. What happened to Google in May 2013 SEO? 

Well, it happened that Google Penguin 2.0 (or Google Penguin 4) is about to arrive and it will be an SEO Earthquake . Google conducted tests for 0.01% of searches and raised the alarm. Stay tuned for the new Google Penguin update and prepare to lose thousands of visits … or gain them.

44. In SEO 200 visits is little

Hmm … well it depends on what for, but yes, initially 200 visits is not enough, but everything is relative. If it were a commercial landing page, for which through ads you would pay $2 per visit … then 200 visits if they are something, exactly valued at $400.

45. Writing tips on web positioning and SEO

My suggestion is that you try to write your keywords between the first 200 words. You can even make a lead at the beginning of each article summarizing it. Generally we look for synonyms so as not to repeat the same words, but in SEO it does not matter that you repeat your keywords from time to time.

It is useful to have a list of your keywords and different combinations and variations, to help you write your articles. You will see how some ideas and phrases come out on their own when thinking about your keywords.

46. ​​Using multiple blogs to improve search engine rankings

I suppose you mean that to position a page you could create many blogs that would give it inbound links. It seems to me a quite laborious strategy if we do not want it to be very artificial and Google catches you. It could be a recommended strategy if it goes together with a good Content Marketing strategy. The contents of the blogs would attract visitors who could be leads and show interest in our products.

47. Does learning SEO have a future?

I think a lot. It is going to be one of the most demanded professions in 2013 and 2014. Many professionals like Community Managers and journalists have to learn some of these skills to get the most out of the web. The Marketing Content and Inbound Marketing will be a before and after for trademarks on the Internet and SEO is a crucial factor for the Community Manager and Online Marketing specialists will take advantage of content marketing.

48. In a WordPress, where are the keywords for positioning?

They are placed everywhere, especially in the titles and descriptions of each page. You can also write them in your articles, categories, tweets, image titles, videos, anchor texts …

49. Improve positioning with an alternative text to the image

It is essential that you put a description and alternative text to all your images. If you have many without filling in, you can use a WordPress plugin that does it automatically.

50. What pages are better to know about positioning?

Well, what am I going to tell you? Mine !! … Lie, ignore me. There are many better pages than mine to learn about search engine optimization , blog of Matt Cutts , Search Engine Watch , SEOMoz , Distilled and Search Engine Land 

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