Best SEO Tools of 2020

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Best SEO Tools

Anyone who manages a website knows that it must be findable. If major search engines are unable to find the site and thus visitors are not directed to it, then you could almost say it doesn’t exist.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method by which websites can be found by the search engines and by applying SEO you can ensure that your website is on the first page. To do this, there are several good SEO tools available that you can try or buy for free.

You can of course also outsource this and engage an SEO agency to make your website easier to find in Google and other search engines. Here you will find an overview of the best SEO tools of 2020 with which you can place your website in a high position in the search results .

All-in-one search engine optimization tools

  • SEMrush , organic and paid traffic analysis tool with rank tracking, keyword analysis, on-site SEO analysis, brand name monitoring, social media monitoring, link analysis, comprehensive competition statistics, reporting and more.
  • SEO PowerSuite , search engine optimization software for keyword rankings, keyword research, on-page SEO analysis, reporting, backlink tracking, social media popularity and more.
  • Search Metrics , extensive SEO tool for content optimization, backlinks analysis, (historical) keyword data, mobile findability, local findability, competition analysis and more.
  • MOZ , SEO tool for search term research, website SEO audit, monitoring, rank tracking, link analysis and local findability.
  • Ahrefs , track backlinks, search terms, brand mentions , view competition stats and more.
  • SERanking , tool for analyzing keywords, page backlinks and competitors, with option for reporting.
  • cognitiveSEO , backlink analysis, content analysis, competition analysis and keyword statistics
  • Sistrix , SEO tool for keyword data, backlink statistics, market share monitoring and more.
  • Lipperhey , free SEO tool with many functionalities.

Keyword tools

Rank tracking tools

  • AWR , automated ranking reports for desktop, mobile and local searches.
  • Accurate , fast rank tracking tool with extensive analysis options.
  • Wincher , user-friendly rank tracker with daily updates and alerts.
  • Pro Rank Tracker , keyword position tracking tool, also available as an App.
  • Rank Ranger , daily keyword positions for multiple search engines.
  • Rank Tracker , desktop software for unlimited keyword monitoring.
  • CuteRank , software for tracking keyword positions in various search engines.
  • Serpfox , daily ranking updates and various available functionalities

SEO tools for on-site analysis

  • Screaming Frog , comprehensive SEO spider tool for crawling websites and retrieving on-site elements.
  • Raven Tools , website auditor tool for analyzing SEO issues.
  • Deepcrawl , website crawler for detecting and checking technical problems and content improvements.
  • Netpeak , an SEO tool for checking important SEO issues and comparing websites.
  • Structured data testing tool , a tool from Google for testing structured data.
  • Pingdom , a tool for monitoring uptime, server performance and incidents.
  • Mobile-friendly test , this test from Google analyzes a page and reports whether the page has a mobile-friendly design.
  • Botify , a clear and simple website control tool for SEO improvement points.
  • ContentKing , tool for monitoring and optimizing content in the field of search engine optimization.
  • HTTP Status Code Checker , simple tool from SDIM for viewing status codes, redirect locations, redirect chains and response headers

Website speed analysis tools

Link analysis tools

  • Majestic , comprehensive backlink explorer with historical data, link topics, competition analysis and more.
  • Link Research Tools , link data platform for comprehensive link analysis, monitoring, penalty prevention / solving, competition analysis and more.
  • Link Assistant (PowerSuite), backlink finding tool, requesting backlinks and checking backlinks.
  • Open Site Explorer , MOZ’s link search engine with link tracking capabilities, detection of potentially dangerous links, and more.
  • Semrush , all-in-one tool with option to check backlinks and quality, suitable for competitive analysis and more off-page SEO factors
  • Search Metrics , all-in-one tool with option to check backlinks and quality, suitable for competitive analysis and more off-page SEO factors.
  • Ahrefs , all-in-one tool with option to check backlinks and quality, suitable for competitive analysis and more off-page SEO factors.
  • Open Link Profiler , free link analysis tool with filters, link topics and more.
  • Google Alerts , get mentions of new listings on the web.

Toolbars, add-ons, browser extensions and plugins

  • Web developer , very comprehensive add-on for Firefox with various options for website developers and extremely useful for SEO specialists.
  • SeoTools for Excel , extensive Excel plugin for online marketing, suitable for retrieving many different data.
  • Search Analytics for Sheets , Make automatic backups of Google Search Console data and easily retrieve data in Google Sheets.
  • MozBar , one of the first browser extensions for SEO with many different possibilities.
  • User Agent Switcher , add-on for Firefox for viewing websites from the view of different user agents such as search engines, mobile phones and more.
  • Redirect Path , Chrome extension for checking http headers and redirects and status codes.
  • Yoast SEO , plugin for optimizing WordPress websites

Conversion optimization tools

It got too much. So view the separate page with an overview of the most important CRO tools .

Which SEO tools are right for my business?

Learn more about which SEO tools and software are suitable and see what SDIM can do for your company in the field of SEO .

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