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An SEO expert is a person who is responsible for analyzing and creating strategies  to ensure that the website he is in charge of, manages to position itself before the competition . His great passion for web positioning  has consolidated him as one of the most sought-after professionals by brands and companies with an Internet presence.

Thanks to the reach that the Internet has achieved throughout the world, search engines such as Google have aroused the interest of companies, personalities and everyone who wants to have a presence on the web, to look for a professional who is in charge of positioning their brand  in the network of networks . For this reason, the figure of the SEO expert is created, a specialist who manages to place his clients among the first ten places in the search engine .

SEO work has become more complex in recent years, due to the changes and novelties that arise with the advances and changes of algorithms in search engines. But before we talk about it all, let us explain what it means to be SEO.

What does an SEO expert do?

Before telling you what an SEO expert is, we have to clarify what SEO is. And, nothing, SEO is the acronym for the English term  Search Engine Optimization , which in Spanish translates as Search Engine Optimization.

Then, an SEO expert is the one who is in charge of optimizing , with specific strategies, the websites so that they are positioned in the first places of the search  engines or search engines such as Google. This professional knows what are the tastes, preferences and trends in the digital market. In addition, it is kept up-to-date on positioning strategies to achieve its objectives.

He is constantly attentive to user changes to create new pages, seeking greater visibility of the website under his charge. But the main activities that an SEO expert performs are:

SEO verification

The first thing who specializes in SEO positioning must do, is an audit to determine what is the main objective of the web  that is in charge, and then analyze how it can get to position itself in the first 10 places of the search engines.

SEO strategy

A good strategy will facilitate 50% of the work. After verifying how the website is located, you must identify the steps that you are going to use to carry out the project .

Keyword study

Keywords, or keyword, are words or phrases that people use to search the Internet . Search engines, depending on the keywords used by each person, offer a series of suggestions for web pages where the information sought can be found. Thus, if the web page meets all the characteristics that the search engine considers, it is shown among those suggestions.

The SEO expert is in charge of doing a study of these keywords so that content is created for each of them and thus the search engines place it among the first page suggestions for the search of each of those keywords.

Content creation

According to the theme of the website, you must select very well what content is relevant and will provide visibility to the page, based on the study of keywords. The writing of each content must arouse the interest of the reader , it must be attractive and well structured.

Link capture

It is a widely used strategy in positioning called Linkbuilding , a mechanism that allows you to know where and in what order you should place the link on the web page , so that it can be seen by your followers.


It consists of a phase in which the SEO expert observes how the project has evolved from the beginning to the results it has currently obtained.

These are just some of the activities that an expert in SEO positioning strategies performs to get a website to reach the first places in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Where does an SEO expert work?

The digital medium is the field of work for an SEO expert . This specialist develops his work in three large areas within his work: digital marketing, in the selection of user preferences, technique in the selection of content and sociology, in the ability to connect with customers. In each of these divisions you will need to create strategies to achieve positioning.

If you specialize in this type of positioning strategies, you can work in a digital marketing agency. There are also large transnationals that use SEOs in their marketing department. But generally speaking, SEO experts prefer to work independently , from home or anywhere they are in the world.

Qualities of an SEO expert

To be successful as an expert in organic positioning strategies, it is important to have certain qualities such as:


An SEO expert distinguishes himself from another by his creative ability. He is an individual capable of achieving everything he sets out to do , achieving unexpected results.


With the constant changes in the digital age, you must keep in constant preparation , inquiring about new methods to achieve positioning. You should study the regulations and algorithms of search engines, especially Google.

Good copywriter

One of the main skills of an SEO specialist is his consistent writing . Maintaining a good spelling and capturing your reader must be one of your main virtues.

Knowledge in digital marketing

To consolidate a website among the best in the search engine, it is not enough just to have good content and strategy. It is also advisable to draw the attention of users outside the page, encouraging visits to the web site. Social networks , currently, are one of the most efficient means to promote a digital site.

Being SEO requires permanent preparation, since the area where it works is constantly evolving.

Difference between SEO expert and SEM expert

Although both terms are concerned with working to position the web page, their objectives are different:

  • The SEO expert is in charge of positioning the website, through content strategies , links or with the help of keywords.
  • For his part, the SEM expert is dedicated to positioning by paying for advertising .
  • For the SEM Expert, his priority is to look for the best trends in the advertising market  to promote a website.
  • On the contrary, an SEO expert is a hunter of content , of strategies to attract the attention of his clients.

Although one profession is not better than the other, the SEO expert seeks to position without having to pay in search engines .

What do I have to do to become an SEO expert?

The first thing you should know is that you must prepare. The SEO expert is a versatile professional who must face a competition that wants, like him, to achieve a web position in the first places. That is why, with intelligence and experience, you must put into practice your qualities, and techniques that you will learn in your preparation.

What studies should I do?

Although there is no specialized career in the area of ​​SEO, it is essential that you have some basic knowledge in programming . It is recommended that you do some specialization or postgraduate in SEO or web positioning.

Some university degrees will provide a good foundation for you to become a recognized professional. You can study Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, Telecommunications and Computer Science .

Useful tips to be an SEO expert

  • The Keyword must be present in the URL, title, meta description, image and content. The more times it appears, the easier you will be able to position the page.
  •  The main title should be creative and should grab the attention of your followers.
  • The URL must not be longer than 100 characters
  • The meta description that you write for Google search should be attractive, with exact words that arouse the reader’s curiosity

Being SEO is not impossible. However, it requires a lot of preparation, dedication, and  constant updating of trends in the areas of marketing, computing and writing.

What will the SEO expert of the future look like?

The SEO specialist will remain an indispensable professional for any website. Their proactivity, creativity and efficiency will ensure that the positioning of a company on the digital platform. This trade must be oriented to the search for real results, evolving as the algorithms and trends of search engines change .

Dare to prepare yourself for one of the most requested careers of the future. Become a successful SEO expert!

If you want to achieve success in the field of organic web positioning, join our community of successful entrepreneurs . There you will have access to a wide range of knowledge to achieve your goal.

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