How To Become A SEO Specialist?

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Working as SEO expert is one of the great options today to find employment both in companies and to work online from anywhere in the world.

It is a job within the area of ​​digital marketing that arose thanks to the internet and web pages.

Today, an SEO specialist is considered a fundamental piece in any company that wants to have an online presence.

As you know, the Google algorithm is the central heart of the internet, but as in all anatomy, there is a specialist capable of making sure that things work well for this algorithm, in this case, this place is occupied by SEO.

Not only that, this profession also gives you the possibility to create your own projects and work remotely from anywhere in the world without having to work for a company.

Do you want to know more how to work as SEO? Here we give you all the keys to access this type of employment.

What is an SEO specialist?

The SEO specialist is a professional in charge of developing positioning strategies in web search engines and optimizing the conditions of the content of a website to facilitate its visibility in front of the user, increasing the probability that it can register more visits.

At the moment, there are two ways of working with SEO: from the technical area and from the content development area, these can be worked by two or more professionals separately or unified in the same professional.

What are the functions of an SEO specialist?

It is a very eclectic profile, where you will notice that functions from areas such as computing, web design or development, marketing and content writing on different topics are combined.

When working as an SEO specialist, you will have to develop various functions, among which are:

Analyze and develop website audits

Your first function when working as an SEO specialist will be to approach the website that requires optimization and detect its general state of health before proceeding to the development of a new strategy.

Only through a previous SEO audit, you will have all the details you need to know about the site to guide you and know what aspects you should improve during the next phases and what is the dimension of the work to be done.

Study the competition closely

Just as you will have to conduct audits of the website you will be working with, many brands will also expect you to closely monitor the status of websites that are competitive to them.

Through this “external audit” you will be able to collect a series of keywords through which users arrive at products or services similar to those of the brands we work with.

Define your target audience and keywords

Now that you have a lot of information to get started, it’s time to make the roadmap to follow very clear. For this, the SEO specialist establishes his objectives (target audience) and the path to follow (keywords that will feed the positioning process).

Only with the optimal fulfillment of this function will the products and / or services of a specific brand meet its potential consumers through the web.

Web body optimization

We have reached the technical phase of the functions when working as an SEO specialist, this is where you will have to get to work to fix common failures in websites that do not allow Google or other search engines to correctly read the content of a website.

This function covers many tasks such as accessibility improvements, modifications in the structure of the web in terms of depth levels, optimization of the loading speed of the site, checking the indexability and review of the content hosted throughout the web, among others. .

Development of content optimized with keywords

As we mentioned before, there may be cases in which when working as an SEO specialist you must assume functions such as content development, but even if this is not the case, at least you must have the necessary skills to develop it.

In the world of SEO there is a lot of reference to the idea that “content is king” , that is why it constitutes the most important part of the websites that you will be in charge of and the content you decide to create must cover all your needs. from the company, the user and the Google search engines.

Analyze and interpret the results obtained

You can only change what we measure, therefore, the metrics will take on the role of allies and will tell you if you are doing your job properly or what aspects need to be improved in your strategy.

SEO reports provide data that you must know how to interpret, and also explain in plain language in case your clients want to know more about the status of their websites.

Soft skills required to work as an SEO specialist

We have already talked a bit about the technical functions that you must develop to work as an SEO specialist. There are also some soft skills that you should bring out if you want to fill this professional profile. These are some of them:

  • Analysis capacity : you will be most of the time analyzing, surrounding yourself with figures, data and content that requires you to put your most detailed eye on it.
  • Empathy : both in front of your clients and in front of the objective users of the type of website that you will be optimizing, empathy will show you the way to cover the concerns and needs of each part, with the best performance.
  • Organization : working as an SEO specialist implies being methodical in the parameters and work protocols that you plan to follow in your strategy as a website optimizer, for this the organization will be an essential ally.
  • Ambition : you will need thirst and perseverance to achieve the performance that your clients expect. Remember that this is a profession whose objective is to constantly produce great results, so throughout your career you will be forced to focus strongly on very ambitious goals, such as reaching first place on the Google results page, to take a common example.
  • Effective communication and teamwork : working as an SEO specialist implies being in constant feedback with your clients or other professionals who complement the marketing team of a company. Here it is not worth focusing on doing all things alone, but preparing to instruct others clearly when it comes to covering the steps and actions that each role must take during the phases of the strategy.
  • Creativity : the SEO specialist must be innovative in the strategies they propose to overcome the results of both the competition and those that the company they work with has had in the past. Creativity will be like the sword and the shield to fight with the problems and provide the solutions indicated at all times. In addition, if you also have to develop content, creativity is the way to reach those innovative ideas that are so valuable in the world of marketing.

Technological tools used by an SEO

When providing SEO services, You should know some technological tools like the palm of your hand, these tools will give you all the necessary data to know the web and to be able to work on their positioning.

In the world of SEO there are many tools, some better than others, and each professional SEO has a specific combination of the tools that work best for them to carry out their work. Here are some commonly used tools.

  • Google Keyword Planner: by mastering this Google tool, you will be able to locate the ideal keywords to include in your SEO strategy faster.
  • Google Analytics: with this Google service, you will instantly obtain dozens of statistics related to the status of the websites that you have to optimize to establish those aspects against or in favor of positioning in search engines.
  • Google Search Console: through this tool, as an SEO specialist, you will have access to know the indexing status in the browser of the websites under your charge and work on optimizing visibility.
  • Neil Patel SEO Analyzer: through this website, in just seconds you will be viewing a very complete audit of a website, the SEO errors it presents, the general speed of the site, the domain score, the incoming links, your position in search engines, etc … The best? Everything will be in the same place.
  • Screaming Frog: similar to the previous tool, through the domain of this service you can access highly detailed reports on the SEO status of a website under your charge.

How to train as an SEO specialist

Currently there are many options to train as an SEO specialist and start your way to work within this profession.

Here are some options that may interest you.

What options are there to work as SEO

To work as an SEO specialist, the landscape of options is wide. Next, we are going to structure it in the best possible way so that you can understand well what are the paths you can take working as SEO expert.


Within this section there are two paths that you can take as an SEO specialist.

  • Developing your own projects : You can dedicate yourself to creating web pages and positioning them to attract traffic and monetize them with different methods. In this way, you will be able to generate income independently without having to work for others.
  • Working for companies as a freelancer : At this point, it is about offering your Seo services independently. You can have several projects a month and generate very good income. Keep in mind that there are a lot of small businesses that need to hire these types of professionals.


Basically, it’s about working for a company like SEO . In this case, you should look for job opportunities on almost any job posting website. It is a highly demanded profession so there are usually many job offers.

You should also be attentive in social networks to the companies where you would like to work, sometimes, this type of offers is published by social networks.

It is not a bad thing to follow these companies or professionals from the world to be aware of the news.

Where to find job offers to work as SEO Expert?

Here we offer you a complete list of the main websites to find job offers for SEO.

You can also take a look at the best websites to find a remote job .

How much an SEO Expert makes

Here we enter a very delicate subject.

An SEO expert can earn large salaries, especially if he has his own network of web pages. However, this is not an easy job to accomplish overnight. Generally, if you work for a SEO company, an SEO specialist can earn between $24,000 to $28,000.

Everything will depend on the conditions of the offer or what you have agreed to.

Now that you know what SEO is, what employment options this profession has, the training you need as well as where to look or what are the best platforms to search for work in this sector, you just have to make a decision. Is SEO What You Are Looking For?

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