How to choose an SEO expert?

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In the current competitive environment, many people in the field of SEO and your presence in Google HomeThey work, but can you leave your business to anyone? You need to be very careful and sensitive in choosing your SEO expert, because using shortcut techniques and search engine deception may cause your site to be penalized by Google in the long run.

Here are some tips to help you identify an SEO expert. Before hiring an SEO expert, ask for a report on the current state of your site and his ideas for improving it. 

Choose your SEO expert carefully

What questions should we ask an SEO expert?

If you are thinking of hiring an SEO expert, the best time to do this is before redesigning the site or launching a new site. In this situation, both you and SEO consultant You will be sure that the SEO standards are observed in the design of the site and you will not have any problem in this regard. Of course, for active sites, you can also use the expertise of others in the field of SEO, but you should ask the following questions before trusting him.

  1. Can I have some of your portfolios and sites that you have been successful in SEO?
  2. Do you follow the suggested techniques of Google and use Google Webmaster Tools?
  3. As an SEO expert, in what period of time do you think we will succeed? How do you measure SEO success?
  4. What clients did you have in my field of work and how successful were you?
  5. Have you been active or successful in the field of international SEO sites?
  6. As an SEO expert, what are the best SEO techniques for my site?
  7. How long have you been working as an SEO expert?
  8. What information do you provide to me during the project?
  9.  Will I be aware of your activities and changes made to the site?

These people usually do not give you a detailed description of their performance. Excuses such as whether these methods are hidden or difficult for you to understand usually refer to methods that could penalize your site in the future and permanently remove it from Google results.

6 important factors in diagnosing non-specialist SEO

Before you leave the fate of your business to a person or company that introduces itself as an SEO expert, you must make sure that it has the necessary ability to do so. There are situations that show you that this person or company is not a good choice for you, which we will introduce in the following.

1- The SEO expert will guarantee you the first rank of Google

Do not trust your SEO expert if he / she claims to get you to the top of Google results in a short time. There is no way to quickly introduce your site to Google or a direct collaboration of an SEO expert with Google.

The only way to introduce your site to Google is by adding a direct link to your site or introducing a sitemap to Google, which you do not need an SEO or SEO expert to do. 

2- The SEO expert will not fully inform you about his activities

Ask your SEO expert for any changes or activities that are unclear to you, because if they do something that goes against Google’s rules, your site will be removed from Google results forever. You are responsible for the performance of the people who work for you and the SEO expert is one of them, so you are allowed to be aware of his work and be aware of any changes.

3- The SEO expert will accept your work at a low cost

SEO and achieving the desired results is a time consuming and valuable task and is much more difficult than the initial design of the site, so a real SEO expert spends a lot of time and experience to improve the status of your site. If someone is willing to do this for a small fee or in a short time, do not trust him, because your SEO expert will certainly be looking for Google deception. 

4- SEO expert enters many links to your site

One of the most important factors in SEO is the inbound links to the site and the introduction of your pages in reputable sites, but on the other hand, the introduction of your site by SEO experts in link sharing sites or free sites will ultimately reduce your site’s credibility and penalties. Will be on the side of Google. Monitor the inbound links to your site and their quality and ask your SEO expert for sufficient explanation in this regard.

5. The SEO expert suggests long or irrelevant keywords

Getting high rankings in Google results is very nice and desirable, but you should be in the first words that internet users are looking for, for example “SEO expert” is a good keyword, but “SEO expert” does not have much search because people who are looking for an expert SEOs do not know your name! So using your company name in keywords by an SEO expert will actually be a kind of deception to you. Examine your keywords and comment on their selection, position yourself as a user, and think about what keywords might be most searched for or really represent your business.

6- SEO expert increases site visits at once

Increasing site traffic and improving Alexa rank will improve the SEO status and credibility of your site, but the path that the SEO expert directs visitors to your site, the number of pages visited and the time they spend on the site is very important. Considering the cost of internet advertising in EUROPE, there should be a logical relationship between your payment amount and the number of visits, otherwise ask your SEO expert for the necessary explanations to prevent any violations immediately.

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