How to choose the best SEO expert for your company?

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Hiring an SEO expert can generate numerous benefits for your online business. A good professional is capable of increasing the web visibility of any page and thereby maximizing its economic performance.

On the other hand, a person without experience, or without a certain “background” with clients, can be a great waste of time and money . “SEO is not magic and I need another year for you to see results” is always his favorite phrase. And in the meantime, your competition continues to gain market share.

Many companies spend several thousand euros in the construction of their corporate websites or online stores, but they forget that the most important thing is that they are able to attract traffic. It is just as important that it be useful and beautiful as that people know that it is . You understand me, right?

For this reason , we always recommend hiring the best SEO expert you can afford . It is an investment that can have a very high ROI and you should see it as such.

In this article you will find all the keys to detecting a good Search Engine Optimization professional and the approximate price their services cost. Let’s start! 👇


  • 1 Check this out before hiring an SEO expert
    • 1.1 Demand visible results
    • 1.2 Ask for a sample of previous work
    • 1.3 Look at the texts on your page
    • 1.4 Be wary of quick results
    • 1.5 Ask if you dominate both On Page and Off Page
    • 1.6 Hire an expert in Local SEO
    • 1.7 Do a light preliminary study of your sector
    • 1.8 Request several quotes
  • 2 Differences between an SEO and an SEO expert
    • 2.1 High resolution capacity
    • 2.2 Curiosity and constant updating 
    • 2.3 Passion 
    • 2.4 Hire an SEO expert 

Check this out before hiring an SEO expert

Choosing a professional from another specialty to help you with your business involves some risk. On the one hand, it is totally impossible for you to master that subject to know the technical knowledge of the candidate . On the other, there are many self-called “SEO experts” who provide related services after having completed a course or read several pages on the subject.

You will have to use more subtle techniques. Many of them are common with those that you would use for any other department of your business. With the following indications you can have an approximate idea so as not to fail when hiring an SEO expert.

Demand visible results

There is a lot of charlatan in the world of Online Marketing. They may present you graphs with a spectacular design or reports ready to be framed, but the reality is that SEO is about positioning in Google. And this gives you a very great competitive advantage, whoever appears first in Google for the transactional keyword in their sector you know that, at least, for themselves, they are doing a good job.

For example: enter the word “best SEO agency [your city]” or “SEO expert” in the search engine. The first results after the advertisements are the people who have achieved a better organic positioning . The ones that have best competed for that complicated keyword and the ones that can do the exact same thing with your business. Contact them and request a quote. 

As you can see, for the keyword “SEO agency bilbao” we appear in the first place for Google . Note that I am browsing incognito mode , so that there is no record of my past activity that alters this result. You can check it yourself!

We are experts in SEO and we demonstrate it with the website of our own agency. No cheating or cardboard.

Request a sample of previous work

In the same way that you would do to select a professional who does the reform of your house, before hiring an SEO expert we recommend that you demand his portfolio.

In it you can check some of the work they have carried out for other companies and clients, as well as the results they have obtained thanks to the service of the agency or SEO consultant in question. For example, here you can see some of our previous work done to different types of clients.  

Check the opinion of your customers

This is our public listing of Google My Busines s. More than 5 verified people have attested to the quality of our services and have wanted to leave their review on Google.

Ask for these types of references to the SEO expert you need to hire . Under our criteria, it may be the aspect that is most important when determining the professional worth of the SEO agency or freelance.

Look at the texts on your page

A good positioning in Google is the sum of many different strategies. One of them, and one that is important for both the search engine and the end customer, is the quality of their texts. The so-called Copywriting.

Properly worded texts with a persuasive tone can increase the conversion of your website and cause a considerable increase in sales . In addition, the time spent by each user in it will be higher, which will improve your ranking in the search engine. 

At, this fact seems absolutely key to us and for this reason we incorporate SEO writing professionals to create each and every one of our clients’ web content. You can check it both on the pages of our portfolio and on our blog. 

Be wary of quick results

Unfortunately, there are also many SEO “salesmen” that promise to position a keyword in a month or appear in the TOP 5 Google without much budget for really competing keywords. And it doesn’t work like that. You should know that for the large niches [clothing, shoes, electronics], a good SEO job can see its results in many months.

There are no miracles. Look for a balance between investment and return on it in a reasonable period of time. There is no formula to apply and that always gives the same result.  Depending on the nature of the business and the competitiveness that exists in your sector, the results will be visible sooner or later . But that person is deceiving you if they guarantee you specific deadlines to appear in the top 1 for your main keyword.

However, with a good professional, this mission will be easier and your chances of success greatly increase.

Ask if you dominate both On Page and Off Page

The first SEO procedure is usually a comprehensive audit in which the agency, or SEO expert, performs a detailed analysis of the situation of your website. Here you can see an example of a complete SEO audit .

After this, it is time to implement all the strategies and correct the possible errors thrown by this report. The SEO professionals you hire must master and carry out both On Page and Off-Page strategies . These are some of the most outstanding items, ask him to tell you a little about them:

▷ On-Page

– Optimization of titles and internal content

– Web Architecture 

– Internal Linking 

▷ Off-Page

– Linkbuilding

– Media reviews

It may seem somewhat extreme, but if they are able to show a mastery on these points and explain them in a way that you understand, you may have the right SEO expert to hire before you.

Hire a local SEO expert

Most of the companies that seek this type of web positioning services are physical local businesses whose objective is to attract a greater number of customers to their stores and premises . If you also include yourself within this category, you should know that what you have to hire an expert in Local SEO.

Within this category are included all the strategies to position by keywords of geographic delimitation . As we have seen previously with “SEO Agency Bilbao” .

At we like to lead by example and what better way than to teach the Local SEO keywords related to our sector of activity for which we appear first in Google:

  • “Community Manager Bilbao”
  • “Graphic Design Bilbao”
  • “Web Design Bilbao”
  • “Websites in Bilbao”
  • “Bilbao web positioning”

And a long etcetera😃. We are proud of it and we would like to be able to help you to achieve it with your business too .

Do a light preliminary study of your sector

Surely you understand that there is not the same number of people interested in watching a football match as a Basque ball game. And beware, Basque pelota is very fun! , but people have preferences and are more inclined towards certain types of sports or products.

Positioning an online store of handmade crochet bedspreads will be easier than doing the same with one of slippers for young people. Knowing the previous competition can give you an idea about how difficult it will be to position your website, the budget you should allocate to it and which SEO expert to hire. 

Naturally, this analysis should not be too extensive , since a complete SEO audit will be carried out by the hired professional and together you will determine the possible positioning and web visibility strategies that you can implement.

Request several quotes

Determining the price of our services is a complicated task. There can always be some fear or uncertainty regarding our customers’ opinion of our pricing plan.

At we believe that the right price is one that guarantees a high-quality service and in which our clients end their employment relationship delighted with our work.

Contact various professionals and then choose the right person.

Hiring a mediocre SEO expert is a complete ruin . You can offer a reduced price, but it will have no effect on your website. The positive part is that they are easily detectable. Ask him for reviews on Google and previous work that you can verify that they have been done by him. In this way you can get an idea of ​​what level of service it will be able to offer you.

Differences between an SEO and an SEO expert

As in any area of ​​life, there are categories and levels of excellence. All human beings have different peculiarities and qualities of their own. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of web positioning, a specific type of person profile can help you to a greater extent than another. 

These are the most important characteristics (under our criteria) that you must detect in a person to hire an SEO expert. 

High resolution capacity

SEO is a tremendously volatile discipline . On the one hand, Google modifies its algorithm every month, affecting the position of web pages without us being able to do anything to anticipate it. Just react as quickly as possible.

On the other, there is always a voracious competition to occupy the positions of the SERP in which you are positioned. Your competition is always active and on the lookout, you can never “rest on your laurels”.

In short, an SEO professional must be able to detect and solve problems immediately in order to maintain the web visibility of their clients. And that is why your resolution capacity determines your worth as a professional. 

Curiosity and constant update 

There are certain jobs in which an update in their protocols and procedures is not necessary. You do the same job today as you did 40 years ago. But, as you can imagine, this is not the case at all with SEO.

We are talking about a discipline born around the 2000s and that every year changes . Many, many positioning techniques used in 2014 have become totally obsolete and are of no real use.

An SEO expert adapts to the present, is constantly trained by all possible means and has the curiosity necessary to investigate and test various new strategies that can add that “extra” with respect to his competition.


It is probably the key aspect. The one that makes all the differences. Passion is the engine that drives that extra action, that attention to detail, that search for continuous improvement.

You don’t have to exchange too many words with a person to detect if they really like what they do and are able to convey it enthusiastically. And it’s not a trivial topic, if you don’t like it too much, it’s probably not good SEO.

In addition, you must be able to clearly convey what tasks you are carrying out and for what specific purpose . Communication must be fluid.

Hire an SEO expert: 

At we have more than 25 years of experience in the Online Marketing sector. A period of time in which we have been able to work with a wide range of clients of all kinds.

We believe that our work is the one that should speak for us. Therefore, we want to invite you to visit our portfolio, read the more than 52 positive reviews from satisfied customers on Google and see that we are ranked first for the most transactional keywords in our sector in the city where we are located.

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