Marketing Strategy: What it is and examples to attract customers

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How effective have your marketing strategies been?

Shall we reflect on that?

Those who do not have their own, need to build soon.

Those who already have it, may need to make adjustments and review the actions.

After all, in the digital age, everything changes very fast. And those who do not follow this movement are left behind.

Gone is the time that marketing only served as support for the sales sector.

Today, it is all over the place. On the radio, on television, on social media, on Google.

And how it wouldn’t be, right?

Every company wants to expand its market share, so the marketing team must be present and be up to date.

It is essential that you are ready to create good strategies that will assist in the growth of the business.

It was to help you in this challenge that we created a special article, which will serve as a guide for the development of a solid marketing strategy.

What is a marketing strategy and what are its advantages?

Is it the same as a marketing plan ?

And how to use your actions in favor of business results?

The answer to these and other questions you can check from now on.

What is a marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is a set of actions proposed to publicize and praise the strengths of a brand, contributing positively to its reputation and credibility. The objective is to place the organization in a prominent position in the market.

A marketing strategy is also directly related to the marketing plan.

Although the concepts are even similar – and sometimes confused -, the former acts as an instrument for the latter to be carried out efficiently.

Therefore, good marketing strategies must integrate the objectives, policies and the sequence of tactical actions to support the strategic planning of a business as a whole.


The concept of strategy is closely linked to the act of planning.

Usually, a document is generated, which is the marketing plan, aligned with the business strategies.

It serves as a guide for the marketing area to develop the necessary actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

Therefore, to define the marketing strategy, it is important to know:

  • What is the role of marketing to carry out the company’s business strategy?
  • What campaigns and projects should marketing run to play its part?
  • What is the target audience of the actions?

For example, imagine that your company wants to penetrate a certain market and establish a prominent position in your segment.

Therefore, for your marketing strategy to support this objective, it is necessary to develop support plans with resellers, such as training.

There is also a need for plans to help build a prominent position, such as promotional campaigns and market research.

Because it’s important?

By explaining the concept of what marketing strategies are, you can already get a sense of their importance to achieve your goals, right?

In order to keep this well fixed on your head, we selected some points to highlight.

Check it out!

Cost reduction

Whoever works with entrepreneurship, must have learned at some point that bad decisions generate unwanted spending.

When you make a bad investment, you end up directly generating financial loss.

And the worst thing is that it affects both ends, both the company and the employees.

Everyone’s time, energy and effort to solve the problem could be used to carry out other tasks, do you agree?

So make sure you have a clear strategy and share it with your team.

This helps to avoid bad decisions, that is, it acts in favor of reducing expenses.

And it never hurts to remember that every economy is super valid.

Right decisions at the right time

Staying tuned in the market, trends and consumer behavior is very important for decision making in the company.

And, for that, well-constructed marketing strategies can contribute decisively.

Based on the information collected, it becomes much easier to get the most important points right, working to keep the business healthy.

Knowing where to direct your efforts can be the key to your company’s success.

You can’t even ignore the potential of a good marketing strategy.

No stress!

Working without some kind of planning puts the success of any strategy at risk, don’t you agree?

Imagine the time wasted and the stress generated by having to interrupt a process to solve problems of misuse of available tools or internal conflicts, for example.

Not to mention that, if the situation evolves, the team will end up unmotivated, less engaged and, in this scenario, the results cannot be kept the same.

There is no marketing in half. And the definition of a strategy is an essential step.

The tip is: after choosing a goal to follow, it’s time to start planning around it to avoid unnecessary stress.

Adopt a work pattern, a well-defined strategy with a beginning, middle and end.

In addition to leading you to better results, this care will make you better prepared for unforeseen events and difficult scenarios.

In practice, you and your team will not be easily surprised.

And it helps to maintain order, focus on work and the positive results achieved.

Most engaged employees

We just took a hint about it.

Working as a team can be a big challenge if she can’t keep up.

The same is true if there are no clear goals and if employees do not really know what to do to solve a problem.

It all causes a bad climate in the workplace, doesn’t it?

That is why, once your strategy is well defined, it is important to share it with your employees and make them understand the importance of following it.

This completely changes the game!

Your team becomes more engaged, has clear objectives in focus, collaborates to achieve them, and manages to stay up to date in a competitive market.

Difference between marketing strategy and marketing plan

When we are talking about marketing, it is normal to have a confusion between strategy and marketing plan.

As already stated, a marketing strategy explains what you want to achieve, what your goals and objectives are.

Except that the marketing actions that need to be taken so that such purposes do not fall from the sky.

It takes a lot of study and planning.

This is where you will need a marketing plan, but not without having a marketing strategy first.

Remembering that all planning must be guided by an objective.

For example, imagine that your goal is to increase sales for your business.

In this case, focusing on new market segments can be a good marketing strategy.

After that, it’s time to put together the plan, where you will develop communication campaigns aimed at this new audience.

Was the difference clear?

Set clear goals for your strategy

If you want your strategy to be successful, you can’t just focus on the data collection phase for prior planning.

The work will also require monitoring during the entire execution of the project.

This means that you need to set clear goals and pursue them.

It is even normal for companies to have more than one possible goal and several ways to achieve each.

But shooting anywhere will rarely yield any positive results.

Choosing the priority objective at the moment is the first step towards a successful strategy.

That done, you can focus your team’s efforts only on actions that will help the company achieve it.

And, in addition, you will be able to estimate the time needed to achieve such a result.

In short, a marketing strategy works only when it has well-defined goals and, of course, shared by everyone in the company.

Examples of marketing strategy to attract customers

The market offers a series of marketing channels to assist you in building a successful strategy.

It may be interesting to explore a mix of these channels, using them in the best possible way.

Progressively, you can identify which ones are most relevant to your business.

It’s just not worth keeping a channel running that you don’t take seriously.

We have prepared a list with surefire options for the success of your business.

You can bet without fear!

Check it out!

E-mail marketing

Email marketing campaigns sometimes generate mistrust.

The question is mainly about the return on investment.

But do not pay attention to who considers this tactic as an outdated action.

Email is still a very effective means of marketing.

The important thing is to know how to work this strategy well.

To have good results, remember that the focus of email marketing should be on the relationship with the customer and not on sales.

Many companies offering this service have features with which it is possible to guarantee excellent personalization and segmentation of the content.

This helps to strengthen the relationship and build trust with your contact base.

In addition, communication becomes faster and more economical, as one of the only expenses is on specialized software to automate, monitor and evaluate your emails.

Social networks

In times of internet and smartphones, it is important to maintain a digital presence in the daily life of the customer so that this helps you to get to know them even more deeply.

But not only that: staying active, interacting with him, is also essential.

In other words, social networks are an indispensable part of a digital marketing plan.

The ideal is to choose those that prove to be the most suitable to communicate with your customers.

There is no point in investing in sponsored links on LinkedIn if your target audience prefers a more visual interaction, like on Instagram.

Facebook, for example, offers data such as age, gender and location of the audience that is reached, likes and interacts with your page.

Another very common way that you may have noticed on networks like Instagram, is the use of social networks to establish partnerships with some digital influencer.

As these people have a large following, they are able to convey credibility to their brand.

This can be quite useful for even reaching new audiences.

Inbound Marketing

If you already have a knowledge in digital marketing, you must have run into the concept of Inbound Marketing , right?

This strategy brought together several other tools in a unique marketing methodology.

Inbound Marketing assumes that the public must find the company, not the other way around.

Basically, the methodology consists of:

  • Attract audience through paid digital media and content
  • Convert this audience into leads
  • Work on qualifying these leads through a sales funnel
  • Delight with relationships and after-sales actions to generate brand promoters.

Inbound Marketing seeks to attract and win potential customers through quality content.

Remembering that, for this content to add value to consumers, it must be specialized and segmented in the personas of your brand.

It must also be built according to all stages of the sales funnel.

Thus, you become relevant and, consequently, remembered.

SEO and Content Marketing

Do you know what SEO means ?

The term comes from the English Search Engine Optimization. Translating freely, it means something like optimization for search engines.

In other words, it is a strategy for your website or blog to achieve a better positioning on Google and other online search platforms.

The big challenge is that this positioning must be achieved organically and not through paid media.

But then, how do you get a good rating organically?

That’s when content marketing comes into play.

First of all, you need to choose specific keywords that are used frequently by your personas .

That done, it is time to start producing the content itself.

There is a range of good practices that can be followed to make your content well accepted by search engines.

Remember that content alone is not enough, as search engines also take into account the structure of your site , which must also be optimized.

Sponsored links

Have you ever noticed those ads at the top of the page when searching for something on Google?

For those who still don’t know, that is Google’s sponsored links system, better known as Google Adwords.

Unlike the SEO and content marketing strategy, which seeks an organic result, sponsored links are paid media to advertise your product or service.

In addition to Google, it is possible to work sponsored links in other channels, mainly social networks such as Facebook and Instagram .

The interesting thing is that the investment is made in proportion to the number of clicks received or the display of the website link , for example.

Don’t forget to analyze the results

Okay, the objective is already outlined and the marketing channels necessary to achieve it are already in use.

But, after all, how to know if the strategy is working?

The answer is simple: constant monitoring.

For that, you need to define some metrics and KPIs , the performance indicators.

They will provide relevant data that will be used to find out if your strategy is on track or not.

For example, it is possible to know how many new customers the company has achieved, what the cost of each new customer is, how much profit this has brought, among other factors.

We have here a blog post about ROI , return on investment, which is one of the most powerful metrics for this purpose.


By the end of this article, we hope that it has become clear the importance of designing good marketing strategies and following them closely to ensure the desired success.

It is worth remembering that, more important than the way you will do to achieve your goals, is the reason why you decided to do it.

Therefore, clear objectives and concrete purposes will ensure that any marketing strategy you decide to use will bring you closer to success.

So, are you ready to start your planning?

To have that little hand at that time, don’t give up powerful tools, like Pro SEO Expert.

We want to help you!

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