What is SEO Copywriting?

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Copywriting is the writing of promotional texts that persuade a reader to do something. But what exactly is SEO copywriting or SEO copywriting? In this article for SEO beginners, I will give a clear answer to that.

It starts with SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

From this you can conclude that SEO copywriting is the following:

SEO copywriting: writing search engine-optimized promotional web copy (that persuades a reader to do something).

The first part of the definition is especially important. The web texts that the SEO copywriter writes must be optimized for search engines: SEO texts. But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, you need to make sure a search engine (like Google, Bing and Yahoo) knows what your text is about. After that, the search engine can send traffic in the form of real visitors to your website.

You can also watch this article as a video:https://www.youtube.com/embed/7a8R9S-HrwM?feature=oembed

Why is SEO copywriting important?

If you do it right, SEO copywriting will help raise awareness of your brand, products or services. Your position in the search engines improves, making your company more visible. This is important because higher positions generate more attention and clicks and thus generate more visitors and sales.

Good SEO copywriting is also ‘just good copywriting’ and thus meets the needs and wishes of your target group and improves the user-friendliness of your website and the image of your brand. High rankings in search engines contribute to the trust people will place in your brand.

In other words: good SEO copywriting = direct more results for your online brand.

This way you help the reader and the search engine

How do you ensure that a search engine knows what your text is about? Basically in the same way as making sure a human reader knows what your text is about:

  • You ensure that you write in clear language and in short and understandable paragraphs.
  • You structure your text on the basis of a heading, sub-headings, enumerations, a conclusion.
  • And of course you mention the keyword (the keyword or keywords ) in the different elements of the text structure.

A good SEO copywriter does not exaggerate when creating SEO texts, but also uses synonyms of the keywords and other forms such as multiples or inflections. He knows that he must first and foremost write attractive and readable text .

Modern SEO copywriting is all about creating valuable and engaging content that people want to share and link to, so that the authority and trustworthiness of your website goes up and the pages you want to rank higher in Google.

But before you get to writing SEO copy, there is the most important aspect of SEO copywriting first and that is keyword research .

Keyword research

An SEO copywriter doesn’t start his job without thorough  keyword research . He deduces from such research whether people search for ‘dishwashers’ or ‘dishwashers’, for ‘copywriters’ or ‘copywriters’. He chooses the keywords that have a nice search volume, but that can still compete on.

With SEO copywriting, it may therefore be that you do not choose the word or words that are most often searched for, but the term with which you can beat the competition and get high in Google yourself. This is a must if your website does not (yet) have the authority to beat competitors. You have to start from the bottom up and build a good name with good content. Indeed, that is often a lengthy process.

Google the SEO copywriter

For example, over time I have ensured that this website (and especially this blog) is optimized for the search term ‘copywriter’. If you google for ‘copywriter’ my website appears high in the results of Google.

By the way, on the keyword ‘SEO copywriter’ I am in 1st place in Google. You will understand that I can therefore welcome many people who are looking for a copywriter to my website. And that is beneficial: after all, more visitors means more chance of fun assignments!

You understand that it is now not so easy to score on a short tail keyword like ‘copywriter’. Yet that in itself is not a reason to always choose keywords with little competition.

A strategy can also be that you directly attack the competition for their most important keyword . Provided you have built up sufficient authority with your website.

SEO copywriter or SEO copywriter?

Although there is often a difference between a ‘normal’ copywriter and a copywriter , this does not apply to people who call themselves SEO copywriter or SEO copywriter. An SEO copywriter also writes promotional texts optimized for search engines, just like the SEO copywriter. The difference in these terms is therefore only in the preference of the relevant writer. So yes, I am also an SEO copywriter.

In search engines it can of course make a big difference to choose a slightly different term, even if it means the same. For example, I optimized this article on the terms’ SEO copywriting ‘and’ SEO copywriter ‘(partly because I already have a good position on the general term’ copywriter ‘) but not on’ SEO copywriting ‘and’ SEO copywriter ‘.

If you google for an SEO copywriter you will come across very different freelancers and companies.

The above also applies to other descriptions of your own products or services. So it is good to be aware of that. SEO writing is making choices too!

An ongoing process

If you have a website or webshop, you would also like more interested customers who purchase your products and services. That is why you keep adding new content to your website, which is shown by search engines in the search results. And what visitors then click on, so that they end up on your website. And that is also a very good reason to blog .

Short and long tail

Now the keyword ‘copywriter’ is a really short tail keyword . A single keyword with a lot of competition. That is often the case if you only focus on one keyword.

For example, if you run a car rental company and you decide to focus on the search term ‘rental car’ with SEO copywriting, you have a lot of competition. Probably even too much to be able to appear in an acceptable place in the search results. Unless you have built up a lot of authority by now.

That is why it is generally more convenient to focus on the long tail with SEO copywriting . I have previously written a specific blog article about this. By building that long tail, you also score higher on more general keywords over time.

As I mentioned, it can also be a strategy to immediately launch the attack with a short tail keyword. In addition to a website that has already built up some authority, you will have to produce really excellent content to win this battle.

So an SEO copywriter writes for search engines?

No, a copywriter – and therefore also an SEO copywriter or SEO copywriter – never writes for search engines. At least not a good one. Search engines may be able to read, but they ultimately understand the balls of your text.

Moreover: search engines are not your customers. They will not buy anything in your webshop and they will not pay your invoice. It is good to realize that everything you write (yes, SEO texts too) is for people . People who can be enthusiastic or critical, disappointed or suspicious, happy or nervous… People with emotions.

So first write the best article you can write for your target audience and then optimize it for findability with SEO in mind.

Some frequently asked questions about the SEO copywriting profession

How do I find a good SEO copywriter?

Long live the internet! Googel or Bing on your own. Check which SEO copywriters emerge first. A high position on the term ‘SEO copywriter’ says something. 

Read a few articles on their website. Check out the work they have done for other clients. Does it feel valuable? Can you discover your own writing style in it? Or does it look like a trick with a lot of repetitive words and obvious SEO spam?

There you have the answer to your question.

Should I Get Into SEO Copywriting?

Anyone engaged in online marketing should know at least the basics of SEO copywriting. This helps enormously in setting up a successful business, even if you outsource the writing of web texts and blog articles. Plus, it helps you find the best SEO copywriter (see the question above).

Can’t I just write a really good article?

That is certainly a good basis! But because you also want to get your article in rankings from Google, Bing & Co, you have to take a number of things into account. Fortunately, search engines are also increasing when people look at articles. And then SEO copywriting increasingly comes down to the last part of the word.

I am a copywriter. Do I have to master SEO writing?

Yes. SEO copywriting is a service that more and more customers will demand from you. It is important that you know how to answer questions from searchers on your site and that you can write conversion-oriented. Knowledge of SEO helps you write better web pages, blogs and campaigns for your customers. Plus: you use it to direct potential customers to your site.

I have zero experience with copywriting, Can I become an SEO copywriter?

Yes, but you will have to learn a thing or two. At least the basic principles of (SEO) copywriting. Fortunately for you, I have put together a valuable course that you can take for the price of just one lunch.

Can I become a better SEO specialist or copywriter?

My vision: you can better focus on the profession of copywriter and then learn SEO skills. As an SEO specialist you are constantly chasing the facts in a landscape that is constantly changing. As a copywriter you master a profession that has been based on the same basic skills for decades and that you can also enrich with SEO knowledge.

How do you find work as an SEO copywriter?

You know what they say, don’t you? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The best and most convincing is if you know how to attract customers to your website with SEO. For example, I score quite high on the term ‘SEO copywriter’ and that gives me a steady stream of customers. For the rest, the same things apply as for beginning copywriters .

But SEO copywriting is just using tricks, right?

Nah, not really. Well, it may have been for years. But a lot has changed in more than 20 years of experience with search engines. It is less and less about tricks and more and more about real copyskills. Add value, deliver sales arguments, convince. Fortunately. That’s why you should learn sales skills and consumer psychology in the first place.

Can you make good money as an SEO copywriter?

If you are good, you can certainly make a good living. Exactly what you earn depends on your experience, your location and the type of customers you serve. If you mainly want to service smaller companies, your rates will be a bit lower. If you position yourself high in the market, you have to ask more (but also offer more).

Is it fun to be an SEO copywriter?

Yes, that’s nice. Because you can immediately help customers with more (and measurable!) Results. Seeing the results of your work gives a lot of satisfaction and satisfied customers.

Do you have more questions about SEO copywriting or the SEO copywriter profession? Then let me know with a comment below. You always get an answer!

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