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Any website that wants to reach the top positions in Google will find in an expert SEO consultant an excellent ally to achieve its goals and even exceed its expectations. But what exactly does a search engine optimization specialist do?

Today Webpositer Academy answers this question and many others because as SEOs we know what a professional web optimization must have to offer the best results both in their personal projects and in the websites of their clients. Don’t miss the detail of this post!

There is a lot of talk about SEO.

At Webpositer Academy we advocate training as the key premise to forge future specialists in an essential discipline to guide this digital transformation that is already being experienced in SMEs in our country, a revolution that has only just begun.

The main objective of this 1st SEO Master focuses on providing the student with the knowledge and tools necessary to become a real SEO consultant. So far everything is clear but let’s get to the point: What is SEO and what the hell does it do in your day to day?

Here are the answers to these and many other questions that will make you meet this specialist in his professional and personal dimension.

SEO Consultant: What Is It Exactly?

An  SEO expert is a professional with extensive experience in web page optimization, whose daily work focuses on the application of techniques that favor the improvement of a website, with the aim of placing it in the top positions of the most important search engines of Internet.

This web positioning professional knows perfectly the rules of the game of search engines like Google . This knowledge allows you to develop strategies and actions that enhance the visibility of a website in search engine results, increasing your web traffic and helping visitors end up turning into more sales .

Far from being a simple task, the work of an SEO analyst requires a magical combination of technical and analytical knowledge as well as the ability to find opportunities and know how to turn them into successful strategies.

Because it is one thing to do SEO and quite another to be an SEO expert.

What Knowledge Should an SEO Expert Have?

A search engine optimization consultant must know in detail all the aspects to improve SEO Onsite and SEO Offsite of any website . But he must also know how to manage projects with solvency, adequately advising the client and transmitting the achievements and looking for solutions to overcome positions that show resistance.

As staying on the surface does not go with a pure-bred SEO analyst, specialization is a degree and that is where it shows that key differentiation plus to take any project even further.

In summary, the Webpositer Academy syllabus includes all the know-how that an SEO consultant needs to face the improvement of a website every day. Check it out and you will see how much it can offer with so much knowledge!

Web architecture, keyword research , conversion, HTML5, WPO (Web Performance Optimization), SEO writing, domain and server management, internal linking, competitor analysis, link building, Geo SEO, positioning in mobile apps, SEM and many other techniques. that would require their own post.

However, we are going to choose those pillars of wisdom that every good SEO expert must have and cultivate over time.


It is clear that, if the job of an SEO consultant is to improve the search engine rankings of a website, his thing is that he knows with his eyes closed how Google, Bing or Yahoo, among others, works . Otherwise, it will be like sailing adrift in a sea that traps us with no apparent salvation.


To be SEO Professional it is not necessary to be a crack at web page programming but you must have knowledge of this discipline.

Why? A simple reason. Your day to day will focus on working on website optimization . From improving its architecture, to optimizing its performance or installing elements within the code of the page are just some tasks that will be part of your work schedule.

Perhaps you will not develop them but the web programmer but you will have to guide him in that task, which makes it essential to master that language with ease .


At heart, an SEO consultant is a business advisor specialized in the operation of the Internet who must be able to investigate the market to which the activity of a website is directed.

This knowledge will allow you to design strategies and actions that attract your target audience, turning their search needs into attractive solutions.

Monitoring and web analytics will play a decisive role in finding business opportunities in interesting market niches for your objectives.


To make a competitive website and get it to sell more on the Internet, a superficial knowledge about SEO will not help.

An SEO expert must master all the techniques, tools and resources that are in his hand to offer solutions that are transformed into results of real success.

Only by controlling everything that Web Positioning encompasses as a discipline will you be able to do quality work . Here’s another difference between doing SEO and being a professional SEO.

What Tasks Does an SEO Consultant Perform to Improve the Google Positioning of a Website?

Next, we summarize the main tasks that an SEO expert develops on a website to enhance its search engine positioning.

There are many more but we assure you that these are ESSENTIAL in your day-to-day professional life. So get ready to know all the tasks that await you when you become a specialized SEO Consultant.


We are facing one of the pillars of any SEO strategy. As a consultant, you must determine the keywords that define a website and that are the most suitable to improve the positioning in Google.

The development of a professional keyword research as well as the concepts related to the activity of that page will mark the entire strategy, in addition to many other key actions to boost the SEO of the web: link building, content optimization, writing texts …


An SEO consultant should be the one who analyzes the structure of a website in order to offer the best organization of the information.

Their knowledge must be applied to each of the pages so that the architecture of the web guarantees a good internal link with anchor text based on the exact and most relevant generic keywords to promote its growth.

This friendly structure must be adapted to the tastes of search engines , defining it carefully from the beginning. This task plays a fundamental role in achieving SEO objectives.


The content of a website is essential to achieve an improvement in search engine rankings. SEO should optimize that content so that those important keywords are worked on for the positioning of each page, working hand in hand with the editors.

The SEO consultant is the professional in charge of marking the heading structure that the content displayed on each page should have. The editors will adapt to it to develop the optimized texts that will appear on the web, creating effective content from the SEO point of view, but also attractive for the user.


Quality links help a website to enhance its level of authority , positive votes that Google values ​​by favoring the positions of that website in the search engine’s SERPs.

The SEO consultant must analyze which websites are ideal for obtaining links , how the linking should be done, while monitoring the link pattern of a website so that it is always natural , avoiding attacks that damage all the work done to date.


The SEO consultant must ally himself with a multitude of tools that will help him to have a periodic and exhaustive control of the evolution of the positions of the web by certain keywords, as well as to analyze his inbound links. Or dive deep into the bowels of the web and activate all your technical SEO know-how.

For all this, you will need to know how to configure Screaming Frog or Netpeak Spider, as well as how to make the most of Ahrefs, Semrush.

But, as important as controlling the activity of our website, it will be to keep track of competing websites because from this analysis, opportunities for improvement can be obtained that enhance the growth of the page.


It is useless to do a thousand and one actions, if we do not verify what is happening in the bowels of a web.

The SEO consultant must be a specialist in web analytics, easily interpreting the information offered by tools such as Google Analytics .

Measure visits, time spent, bounce rate, conversion rate and many other aspects to polish the strategy with decisive tactics.

This data will be decisive to show the client what is happening with the page , both its progression and the points that need to be improved. Web analytics captures the results of actions, as well as opportunities that require special attention.


A discipline as subject to changes and updates as SEO requires self-taught professionals who dedicate hours a day to studying new techniques that help improve the results obtained, acting proactively in the face of possible errors.

Moreover, these hours of study will serve to first apply these novelties in own projects, experiment and see how they work , in order to implement them in client projects. All in order to optimize the web to the maximum.


All these actions and decisions that we make to place a website in the top positions of search engines must be communicated to customers.

In this way, the SEO consultant will keep you aware of the progress and results obtained, as well as the opportunities that the web optimization professional wants to attack to take the rise of the web to another level.

Communication between client and SEO consultant must be constant because it is the way in which the specialist will know how to transform the concerns, desires and needs of that company into an effective strategy .

In addition, this feedback allows you to have a deeper knowledge of the sector of activity of that business as well as its target audience, information without a doubt of great importance for making crucial decisions by the SEO professional.

Information on results, recommendations for improvement and opportunities must be provided by the consultant in a detailed technical audit that must be explained to the client so that he can properly interpret the data obtained.

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The Skills of an SEO Consultant Are …

This is just a small list of the many knowledge and tasks that a web optimization professional exercises in their day to day life.

But, beyond what he does, we also want to dedicate this last part of the article to summarize those special skills and abilities that this specialist must gather to give his best in each project.


  • Analytical : You will be surrounded by percentages, figures, data and information that you must analyze with great care, using powerful tools.
  • Curious : Not only do you have to like SEO, but you must be passionate about what you do and the world around you. That thirst for curiosity will quench you by studying, learning, experimenting, asking questions, and sharing your progress with others.
  • Creative : An SEO is a professional with technical knowledge but where his ingenuity will be key to finding amazing solutions where perhaps others only see weak points. That creativity together with a good knowledge about search engine optimization as well as fields such as communication or web design will serve to make any project more powerful in areas such as, for example, web conversion.
  • Self-taught : Your curiosity invites you to learn on your own and learn about the latest developments in the sector, consulting both national and international sources of information. Everything learned will be the basis of an SEO strategy that makes a difference.
  • Ambitious : The professional SEO consultant works to improve the rankings of a website in Google. Far from settling for the work done, he always aspires to more by overcoming his own limits. Because, as Nelson Mandela said, “it always seems impossible until it is done” .
  • Empathetic : Your client’s concerns are their concerns. He puts himself in his place at all times so that each step of his strategy leads to better doing that project at hand.
  • Organized : The work of a SEO Professional is methodical. For this reason, it must have very well structured and defined work protocols to help manage the information properly, keeping an accurate record of all the actions, results and decisions taken. Refrain from being clutter-loving SEO consultants.
  • Communicative : As important as being an ace implementing the most innovative SEO techniques, is knowing how to transmit to the client each of the steps and actions that are carried out. This professional consultant acts as a digital business advisor and therefore must always be close to his client.

Now that you have entered their world for a few minutes, would you like to study SEO to be a professional consultant? In Webpositer Academy you have the knowledge and the ideal teachers, leaving in your hand the passion for this universe that requires true specialists.

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