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What is White Hat SEO? It is the ethical and honest way to improve the positioning of your website, without having to resort to traps or unethical SEO techniques, known as “Black Hat SEO” and, you know what? It is more effective and easier to apply than you think!

We always have two ways to get closer to our goal: one good and one bad, one honest and one cheating. In everything we do and, surprisingly, it is no different in the world of SEO and web positioning.

It is clear that the ultimate goal of any SEO Expert is to optimize a web page so that, when search engines like Google analyze it, it is considered suitable, of quality and positioned in the top positions of the results lists .

But, to achieve this, it is common for certain professionals to be tempted to go for dishonest shortcuts and resort to certain traps to try to deceive web search engines .

However, fortunately, web search engines sooner or later detect these bad practices and penalize the web page , to the point of completely eliminating it from the search engine results lists!

That is why we are more and more SEO experts who understand that the SEO service must be ethical, transparent and effective . But how to do it? Through White Hat SEO!

White Hat SEO is a set of totally ethical, honest and transparent SEO techniques, in accordance with the recommendations and following all the rules imposed by web search engines such as Google.

With the experience of the years, SEO experts have seen that the ethical and transparent practices of White Hat SEO, result in better results to improve SEO web positioning , lasting over time (without subsequent penalties), than those offered by the Dark and Deceptive Black Hat SEO Practices, Your Arch Nemesis!

Your business and your website will thank you for being on the white and good side of SEO, my experience confirms it! I have seen how a web page manages to position itself in a short time through ‘white hat techniques’, inspiring confidence in the search engine and its users .

If you want to give this opportunity to your website, at Pro SEO Expert we can help you and get started today! As an SEO Company , together we will design a web positioning campaign that positions you in the short term through legal and effective techniques, which is our only way of working!

To give you an idea of ​​what I am talking about, below you can learn what White Hat SEO is and what kind of practices and techniques it includes.

What is White Hat SEO?

The White Hat SEO is a set of totally ethical, honest and transparent SEO techniques, according to the recommendations and following all the rules imposed by web search engines such as Google. These techniques should consider the perfect user experience as one of their main goals.

Google’s permissiveness is a thing of the past! Cases of cheating and deceit to appear in the search results lists or alter the ranking of a site are already always detected and penalized by the web search engine.

Now, both Google and Bing and the other search engines, have made an effort to detect all the deceptive or malicious SEO practices , which do not follow the rules and recommendations of these web search engines, and penalize severely for it.

For SEO techniques to be considered as White Hat SEO, they must focus on meeting the needs of the user and giving simple and precise answers to their questions.

It is no longer about positioning or appearing on the results page, but about making life more comfortable for the user and showing itself as a truly ethical and reliable website. Looks like the Search Engine Justice League has activated their radars! Let us tremble, because they will not give us the benefit of the doubt if we break their rules!

Differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Now, at the beginning of this article I was talking about the opposite poles. Well, the White Hat SEO has its rival, its polar opposite or whatever you want to call it. The archenemy of White Hat SEO is called Black Hat SEO .

Black Hat SEO is the cheating and dishonest way of doing SEO and web positioning, trying to deceive web search engines and their standards, bypassing the recommendations of regulatory entities, to which many SEO technical assumptions resort, either for vividness, for ignorance or wanting to position the web page faster than the competition.

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO and is the set of SEO techniques that aim to deceive web search engines like Google, bypassing their recommendations and established standards, to position a web page faster than it is. it would be naturally and organically.

Black Hat SEO techniques, at this point from Google, which already has everything planned, in practice does not allow a true optimization of the web page, nor does it scale positions in the results lists. 

Although at the beginning of using them it may seem the opposite, and it gives you to think that it is a shortcut that will take you directly to the first position, in a short time Google will detect it and penalize your web page , relegating it to the last positions or disappearing from the results search.

Shortly after using these dark techniques, you’ll find yourself in a dead end maze where neither users nor search engines will be able to find you. If you have fallen into these types of practices and consequences, you should know that the only way out is to undo all the SEO path traveled by that supposed “shortcut” and start doing SEO again on the correct and ethical path.

How do you know if you are using Black Hat SEO techniques ? Through an SEO analysis and detect if:

  • you have content copied, duplicated or thin content ,
  • you are resorting to ‘cloaking’ (what is called covert or camouflage pages),
  • you opt for the massive filling of keywords in your texts,
  • you buy links on other web pages to yours,

If you are practicing any of these SEO techniques, rush to fix your website before Google notices! Because he will find out, sooner or later he will, believe me.

The main difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is that the first represents the correct way to optimize the SEO of a web page, but requires commitment and dedication , while the second is the short way, the way for those who They don’t want to add value to their website and they don’t care about user satisfaction.

Without a doubt, White Hat SEO is easier to apply, because Black Hat SEO is a path full of fears: you have to hide, make up, pretend and try to deceive the search engines so that they place you in the top positions in an unnatural way.

A website positioned using Black Hat SEO techniques is like a bad blind date: you have high expectations and on the outside everything looks apparently good, but when you get to know your date a little more you discover that it was not as interesting or authentic as you expected. 

It was just an empty, well-camouflaged facade! So there are many web pages! And who wants to return to this type of web page ? No one! Not even web search engines! Like this type of dating, right?

White Hat SEO techniques and practices

Be “mobile first” for mobile searches

Mobile searches are decisive in these times, since 60% of Internet searches and purchases today are made from mobile devices , and increasing.

Faced with this new reality, Google coined the concept mobile first , which means that when designing and developing your website prioritizing the mobile user , as it is 60% – and increasing – of users, as indicated, and then to user accessing from a computer, as it is 40% of users and going down.

If your website is optimized to be fully compatible and usable from mobile devices, you will notice how you improve your position in the Google results lists. This is one of the most basic and efficient White Hat SEO techniques that you cannot forget.

Orient your strategy to local SEO

Many SEO professionals are out of date with Google’s new approaches, which is why local SEO doesn’t seem to be on their SEO plan, but geo-location searches are becoming more common and popular.

A local SEO strategy and campaign is key , as local SEO represents a strategic and honest way to attract potential clients close to your physical environment, and the good thing is that it will not affect your global SEO projection!

Add to your list of things to do setting up your Google My Business profile and start positioning yourself in the local results of the Google search engine.

Prioritize user experience

Users happy, positioned web ! If everyone understood the depth of this short sentence, it would save a lot of work and make the search engine the easy way, but no, it is not!

Sometimes there is so much obsession, among SEO professionals, in achieving visibility and traffic , that we forget the reality that it is the user experience that will trigger both objectives.

Prioritizing the user’s search intention and understanding what they want will be key to the success of your business.

You must have a web page that works under the Lean UX (User Experience) design, which means that the web page is easy to navigate, allows adequate and useful interaction with the user, is capable of responding positively to doubts and concerns. of the public that visits it and, very importantly, evaluates and quantifies if its methodology is being effective or if it needs changes that lead to happier and more satisfied users.

Perform keyword pre-analysis

Searching for keywords (keywords) is still key to the positioning of your web page , despite the fact that Google is increasingly intuitive and can relate keywords with synonyms and similar phrases.

Take advantage of this to use the possible terms, phrases and words that can be related to your business and include them in your content and make sure you do it as naturally as possible and not just to fill in spaces.

Using relevant keywords requires extensive prior research, what we call “ keyword research ” and is part of an SEO audit , and is well worth that prior investment!

Get the most out of content marketing

Much is said about an effective content marketing plan , but this boils down to creating inspiring, authentic, and engaging content .

Take the time to plan the content you want to show and how you can make it useful and fun for users.

Also, do your best to be specific and informative, as conversational searches and semantic SEO are becoming more and more popular, and users want to access content that truly responds to their concerns, without much detouring and using easy-to-understand terms.

On the other hand, conversational searches are no longer done just in the traditional way, but are now also done using voice searches .

If your content answers basic things like what, when, who, or similar questions, you’re on the right track. If it also allows you to do it by voice, you are one step ahead! Make your content marketing and Inbound Marketing plan fabulous and have fun doing it.

Get the edge using Schema

Using Schema’s structured data is a great tool for SEO, with which you can make your content stand out and be more communicative and accurate, both for search engines and users.

Through it you can create rich snippets that will help you gain an advantage on the results page of the web search engine.

It has been proven that the sites that make use of it seem more reliable and attractive to users . Why not start using it? It is authorized by Google!

“White Link Building”; achieve authentic backlinks

Designing a good Linkbuilding strategy , achieving authentic and honest backlinks , is an effective way to apply White Hat SEO to this off-page SEO strategy , with which you will gain more links (internal and external) to your website.

But these links should be created in a natural way and making sure they are really relevant to the type of content you are displaying. How is this accomplished? Offering quality content and abundantly.

It is not about writing shallow and uninteresting content, create content that has to do with your niche and you are sure that it will be useful to your audience.

Make yourself visible! Climb positions in Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google and other Internet search engines? You need a good effective SEO plan!

Conclusion: the White Hat SEO ensures your future SEO

Web positioning is not just about generating traffic and having high metrics when it comes to measuring SEO . This would be the empty and standard vision of any inexperienced SEO professional.

But those of us who have understood that positioning a web page is related to improving the user experience and gaining the trust of the public with your web page , we know that White Hat SEO techniques represent the most ethical and integral way to achieve a good position in search engine results lists (SERPs), as even the guys at Ryte say .

As you can see, SEO has its good side and its bad side. Black Hat SEO is one of Google’s # 1 enemies today, and I’m sure you’re not looking to be Google’s enemy, are you? It’s the last thing any website owner wants!

That is why I urge you to review each of the White Hat SEO techniques that I have mentioned above so that you can boost your business and choose the honest side of SEO, so you avoid a bad time with Google’s “avengers”: intelligence artificial Google , Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird .

If you found this post helpful, you can share it with your friends, because surely they also want to avoid falling prey to Black Hat SEO, so give them a hand!

Below you will find a small form, which I invite you to fill out so that you can send us your questions and comments, and you will soon hear from us. We will gladly help you!

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