Who Is An SEO Expert?

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Due to the widespread popularity of the digital world, many jobs have been created in this field. One of these jobs is an SEO specialist. In this article, we try to discuss the characteristics of a skilled SEO and the capabilities of this person. So if you want to learn SEO  and work in it, do not miss reading this article.

What is the job of an SEO expert?

As you know, when a phrase is searched in search engines like Google, sites will be displayed to the user as a result in order. But this placement is not random, and Google ranks these sites based on hundreds of parameters. With this in mind, businesses or websites are trying to reach the top rankings to get more traffic. Jobs here need an SEO expert to help them rank better .So the main job of a SEO is to optimize the site for search engines (SEO). Or rather, the SEO expert knows how to get more traffic and sales for a site through users who search on Google.

What exactly does a skilled SEO know?

As we said, search engines have a special algorithm that ranks sites according to different parameters.

Therefore, a SEO should be well acquainted with these parameters, how search engines rank and work.

Of course, search engines usually do not disclose how these algorithms work, and we are familiar with a few of these parameters. However, the SEO expert should be as familiar with them as possible. In the following, we will discuss in more detail the personal knowledge and abilities of those who work in the field of SEO.

If you are planning to work in the field of SEO and you want to get an SEO order, you should know a general knowledge about how search engines work and also details about site optimization. We will discuss these two areas in the following.

General knowledge about how search engines work:

An SEO expert knows that search engines want to show the best possible result when a user searches for a phrase. However, users are a kind of search engine customer, and if they do not find the answers to their questions and searches – or find them difficult – they will be less inclined to search.

There are three key points in how Google should work:

  • The content of the site must be completely relevant to the users’ search.

A SEO should know why people search for certain phrases and questions on the Internet. For example, someone who is looking for a way to “make a mask at home” is not looking to buy it, but is looking for an article through which he can make a mask. So if the content creator wants to rank for the phrase “how to make a mask at home” he has to create something related to it.

  • Powerful and reputable sites are a priority.

The discussion of the strength and credibility of a site is more related to the age of the site and the backlinks it has received from other sites. These backlinks are endorsements for a site. The quantity and quality of backlinks are of special importance. Getting links from suspicious or penalized sites by Google can have dire consequences for a site. On the other hand, getting links from reputable sites whose topic is related to your site can help you grow a lot.

  • The content of a site should be worthy of being in the top rankings.

A SEO knows that just creating a user-related content is not enough. We remind you that Google intends to show the best content to the user, so your content must be more worthy than similar articles to be ranked first. For example, about the article How to make a mask at home, you should write a comprehensive article that users will no longer need to read other articles to achieve their goal.

On the other hand, an SEO expert, in addition to creating quality content, must make it easy for users to use. For example, if you have a great article but users on mobile can not read it well, this article will not be worthy of being ranked first.

Other knowledge that an SEO expert should have:

1. Keyword analysis:

As you know, different sites have different rankings in different words and phrases that users search for. A person who is familiar with SEO knowledge should find the right phrases and words and create and optimize the content according to it.

But what are the right words? An expert SEO should choose the words that people are searching for in an acceptable way in order to bring good traffic to the site. These words must also have commercial value, meaning that the users who search for them must be potential customers who have the potential to become actual customers. Finally, words should be chosen for which there is not much competition among SEOs for that word or phrase.

۲. Internal SEO:

A SEO creates and organizes content according to the intentions of the users. Uses keywords in headlines and in between headlines. Creates descriptive meta tags in the best way. Compresses images well and replaces text with them. It also makes the most of internal links. Therefore, familiarity with HTML can be very useful.

3. Making backlinks:

In the previous section, we mentioned the importance of backlinks. An SEO expert should be familiar with the various link building methods and choose the best ones according to their budget and strategy.

4. Technical SEO :

In order for search engines to rank your site, they must first find them! Using the right sitemap and robots.txt file, Seocar introduces its site to Google and tells its bots which pages to index and which to ignore. It should also try to increase traffic and conversion rates with the right user experience it creates on the site. For example, increase the loading speed of the site or take measures to display the content well on mobile and be usable. Also minimize negative points on the site, such as broken links that do not end anywhere.

How does a SEO work?

The SEO expert is constantly analyzing his site and the site of competitors.

As we said, in order to be ranked in Google, your content must be worthy of it, so Seocar examines the content of rankings in order to find their strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. It also investigates where competing sites receive links.

He knows that not all traffic is created, and ultimately conversion is what matters, so he constantly tries to find ways to create a better user experience for users. Such as increasing the loading speed of the site or designing landing pages that meet the goal.

After a while, the SEO expert knows that he can not do everything alone. Or it is not at all cost-effective to do everything yourself. Some people do some things better than you. Focus on something that you are good at and enjoy. This method is also more beneficial for customers. You need to be able to make a list of the things that need to be done and leave it to others.

You should never stop learning in order to work in SEO.

Of course, allocating time to learning must be very smart. In 2018, Google has made 3200 updates to its algorithm. Some of these do not have much impact on the sites. As an SEO expert, you do not have to go into all these details, but go to the three axes that we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Instead of following the algorithm, Google pursues its goal. That means creating the best and most relevant content for users. That way, you don’t have to constantly worry about Google’s algorithm or being fined.

Update information and SEO analysis

Of course, you should not completely ignore these updates.

You can attend conferences to expand your knowledge, use Twitter, blogs, Q&A forums, videos or podcasts to learn. It is best to use one or two of these regularly. As we said, learning has to be smart, so try to dedicate 20% to learning and 80% to working.

You have to constantly try and make mistakes. Constantly test and analyze different methods.

On the other hand, another part of the work time of the person doing SEO work is spent preparing an SEO report (for the employer). This report can be monthly, or quarterly, or six months. You need to be able to analyze these reports and plan for the future.Also, for the tasks mentioned above, you need to be familiar with the various SEO tools and be able to work with them. Tools like: SEMrush, Ahref , Moz Pro, Alexa, Yoast and…

What path has a SEO taken?

To become an SEO expert, you must first take an SEO training course.

Create a site for yourself at the same time and start practicing. Because in the field of SEO, theoretical knowledge will not work at all and you will learn many things in practice. Finally, you can do an internship in a company and get a job. In this way, you will get acquainted with the real world of SEO and its market and you will learn a lot from your colleagues. In addition to working in a company, you can work as a freelancer and get projects for yourself. Remember that having a personal website can help you a lot in all these steps. Because, as we said before, one of the things you have to do is trial and error, and naturally you should not do this trial and error on your customers’ site as much as possible.

Other features of an SEO expert:

  • Someone who wants to work in the field of SEO must be patient.

This is because you can not learn SEO knowledge overnight and because SEO is a long-term process and you have to be patient to get results and rankings.

  • A SEO must have strong insights for analysis.

Be aware that the growth or decline of a site is related to changes made to the site or Google updates. Sometimes it is not possible to get definite results with one test, so we have to repeat our test in several cases.

  • A person who intends to work in the field of SEO does not waste his time with small tests and changes, but seeks big changes and results.
  • This person knows that he can not master all the SEO skills, so he either becomes an SEO expert in one or two cases, for example link building or technical SEO, or tries to specialize in a specific field.

For example, SEO for online stores is different from SEO for local businesses such as real estate and doctors. So an SEO expert can focus on one of these industries.

  • A SEO does not use black hat SEO.

Because the use of black hat SEO will sooner or later lead to the site being fined and this will make the SEO work infamous.

In this article, we tried to point out the characteristics of an SEO expert.

We hope you find this article useful and we would be happy for you to comment on this article and the duties of an SEO expert, or if you missed something in the comments section.

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