Why do SEO? Does SEO still work? Is SEO a good investment?

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Why do SEO? Because investing in improving your web positioning, to appear and be found through web search engines like Google, is the best decision and investment for your business on the Internet.

Why do SEO? Does SEO still work? Is SEO a good investment? Should I invest in SEO? These are the most common questions on the mind of anyone who, deep down, knows that it is and is considering requesting the services of an SEO and web positioning company for their website, but cannot decide to invest in it.

If you are one of those who are waiting for a statement from Google saying that doing SEO is no longer necessary, you can wait seated because, we are light years away from that!

Why do SEO? Because SEO is becoming more and more important, despite the fact that the way you search the Internet has been changing in recent years.

In a way, SEO has evolved to suit what people want. And how does that benefit you as a company? Well, SEO is like a pill that alleviates all the ills of web pages. So you should invest in SEO as soon as possible!

If you have been working hard for a long time trying to position your website to appear in Google, but you can’t, surely the answer is in your way of “doing SEO”.

Optimizing SEO correctly, to improve the positioning of your website, offers many benefits to your business on the Internet and, although many like it or not, without investing in SEO it is tremendously difficult to obtain benefits on the Internet!

Next I am going to tell you 14 reasons why you and anyone should invest in the SEO and web positioning of your business.

Why do SEO? 14 reasons and truths of SEO

These reasons are the product of my experience as a SEO and web positioning consultant because, together with my team at Pro SEO Expert, we have managed to take off many companies that for a long time lagged behind in the shadow of their competitors, despite the fact that their products were high quality and its niche had a large audience.

They only needed our push: a good SEO to help them achieve a good web positioning . If you are wondering why to do SEO and you are interested, we can also reach out to your business and show you how to help you make Google fall in love. Until then, pay close attention to these powerful reasons that I will tell you.

Investing in SEO you achieve long-term results

Doing SEO is not a set of magic web positioning formulas that, from today to tomorrow, will lead you to success on the Internet; that’s the first thing you should be clear about.

Doing SEO is the smartest investment you can make today for your business and its future.

In general, it takes about 6 months to a year to see the harvest of investing in SEO, but I assure you that these results will not disappear like foam, but will be maintained in the long term. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to achieve notoriety and presence on the Internet , but it is precisely in this that SEO professionals specialize.

You may be an excellent salesperson, your products may be great, you may have wonderful deals, but what if no one sees them? If Google can’t show them? If the user does not feel confident in making the purchase?

SEO takes care of all this, and much more, for you, and clears the way for you to generate the right traffic and in this way you can convert users into buyers .

It is an investment, but perhaps it is the smartest investment you can make today for your business and its future. Optimize for long-term results, and not for the fleeting .

SEO is an investment, therefore it makes a profit

If you understand that SEO is not an expense but an investment , you will be able to better visualize all the benefits that it will leave you; As I said in the previous point, you will earn money if your products are bought, but these cannot be bought if they are not seen by people.

Thanks to mobile devices, people now buy more products and services online, which is beneficial for any online business as long as it is at the forefront of mobile search and web search engines can locate it correctly. When this happens, there is no way to prevent your conversion rate from being positively affected .

By investing in improving the SEO of your business, you can earn money; This investment directly produces profits for your business.

Start to see the investment in SEO as an asset , which will leave you many more benefits, apart from the monetary one.

SEO is constantly changing, but it has no plans to disappear

The main excuse of many for not investing in SEO , when they wonder why do SEO, is that this is not worth it because due to the constant changes that Google has, due to its updates, new algorithms and advances in artificial intelligence from Google , soon SEO will be in the past and disappear.

But this is not true! SEO continues to be and will be at the heart of Google . As a SEO and SEO professional, I like to talk about it being a change. Why? Because each change we are experiencing points to a more comfortable, real, simple and efficient way of searching, interacting and browsing the Internet.

SEO has changed for the better and now, more than ever, it is important to hit the mark of what Google expects.

In fact, it seems impossible to me that an online business can appear on the Internet excluding SEO and without sending clear signals to web search engines. Unless they have Harry Potter’s wand!

If you continue to see SEO as it did a decade ago, you run the risk of being forgotten. It is precisely because of these constant changes that you have to do the SEO of a company, in order to be at the forefront of what Google and its peers demand .

By doing SEO, you generate more traffic through organic search

One of the reasons people should do SEO is because of organic traffic .

Statistics ensure that those companies that have efficient SEO achieve more organic visits on their website.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that a little more than 50% of the traffic of a website is achieved in this way . Are you going to stay behind? Good SEO can help you be more visible, trustworthy to search engines and get a better position on the results page (SERP), which translates into more organic traffic.

Investing in SEO is not expensive, no, seriously!

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns or marketing plans, doing SEO doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket. SEO campaigns are affordable .

A good SEO service, which covers all the important sides of your website, has a cost from just 100 euros per month.

Optimizing the positioning of a web page, so that the search engines consider it perfect when they do the X-ray, is a job for professionals , but it is not expensive at all. I urge you to inform yourself about how much it costs to have the services of an expert SEO webmaster. You will discover that it is within your reach!

SEO gives you the opportunity to reach more audiences in a massive way, and with greater efficiency than just a digital marketing campaign or paying the price of Google Ads .

Doing SEO is cheaper and more efficient than just digital marketing

Investing in SEO or SEM , the eternal question, right? As I just explained to you, SEO is affordable; there is an SEO plan for every budget .

Using Google Ads and paid advertising and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are good options, especially in the short term, but they do not leave you benefits in the long term, since the results stop as soon as you stop investing in that type of campaigns.

To be clear, if you compare the investment between SEO and SEM , you will notice that at the beginning, you will have to spend a little more on SEO than on SEM, and that is why many tip the balance towards SEM, but despite helping you get conversions quickly, these results are not maintained over time.

My recommendation is that you start by investing in SEO and have patience to wait for its fruits, then they will not stop!

Then, decide if you want to invest a little more SEM, either through an advertising management company in Google Ads or by doing it yourself, as part of a strategy, to offer products, create promotions, interact on social networks or for specific purposes; there, SEM is very effective.

But to stay on good terms with search engines and achieve lasting optimization, you have to focus on SEO first .

You can measure the SEO of your website and its results

If you still believe that SEO is a series of codes or methods that an SEO expert applies to your website to make it trackable in search engines, then it’s time to open your mind!

SEO is not only that, it is measurable, it is almost tangible, because Google has created various analysis tools that seem like a kind of digital psychologist, because by scanning the web page, these tools will throw you data showing you if there are problems in your website, how your audience behaves and what content they read the most, what are your most visited pages and many other things that are essential to define a strategy that allows you to improve , enhance or replace some aspects of your website.

Performance, indexing, traffic, bounce rate, etc., can be measurable just by using tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console , for example.

What I’m telling you is that you can (and should) invest in SEO and keep a real track of how it positions your website and optimizes it .

By measuring the SEO of your website you will have a greater understanding of why SEO is so important and why I tell you that SEO will not be forgotten. 

Today I can’t imagine a website without SEO! It would be like letting web pages run like loose and misguided horses in search engines. There would be no clear rules or limits to respect!

If you want to know a little more about measurable SEO, this post will help you: main metrics to measure the SEO of your website.

Why do SEO? You will gain trust and authority

One of the best moves that Google has been making these years is to create algorithms that are responsible for providing a better user experience (UX) , as this has forced web page owners to get in the right lane and leave in the past the empty and useless content that abounded on the Internet.

For your website to be successful, you need an optimal user experience and perfect SEO.

SEO and UX are directly related ; With both, you manage to gain the trust of users with your website  and credibility, which makes you gain authority; therefore, you will get more sales, more leads, more conversions.

In short, all SEO techniques that are applied today aim to make the user satisfied, find what they are looking for and feel confident to buy it, and want to return to the site.

When a website does not take care of details of its design, loading speed, ease of navigation, quality content, among others, the user hardly wants to spend time there. 

Doing SEO helps you take all these factors in the right direction and therefore SEO is important to maintain to protect the image of the company.

Do SEO now; Because voice searches won’t stop!

I love to blame SEO naysayers that SEO is more alive than ever . Well, as you might imagine, those same detractors are saying that voice searches are a fad and that they are not worth paying attention to.

Voice searches won’t stop: Amazon, Siri, Google Search Voice, etc. they are more popular every day.

Statistics show that there is a clear trend for more and more people to search by voice, as it is faster and easier , and Google is focused on making voice search a truly phenomenal experience for its audience .

On the other hand, this type of search allows companies to reach groups that were previously difficult for traditional searches. For all this, and much more, you have to make a smart investment in SEO now .

Investing in SEO is key to increasing conversions

I want you to answer me something, When you search for something on the Internet, how many pages of results do you consult? 10? 20? No, you only limit yourself to the first ones! Don’t feel bad, you are not the only one. This happens because there is no time to lose and because it is difficult to give opportunities to ‘someone’ that you have trouble finding. The explanation is clear, but I will summarize it for you more clearly.

Good SEO will make you appear on the first page of Google results , or even in the first position of it, which means that you are the most trusted person, or one of the most trusted in that niche or for that user’s search; This reputation will cause people to have a preference for you and convert, instead of snooping past the first page of results.

As you and I are like most people, your business will be in serious trouble if it is not among the first results of the search engines. You understand me? Will you leave it to luck that someone goes to the tenth page to find you? In addition, by doing SEO you will not only achieve a good web positioning in search engines, but your website will remain fresh and attractive to reach more audience and retain the one you already have .

SEO helps you create a clear conversion funnel path

As a conversion funnel, a series of steps is defined that the user follows until they complete their objective ; If you notice, I don’t say ‘their’ goal, but yours.

For example, if you have an e-commerce selling any product, your goal is to sell , then your conversion funnel would be something like: enter the store, choose a product page, select a product, add the product to the shopping cart. shopping, pay for the product.

The funnel is complete when a user goes through all the steps , all the way to the end, but most of the time, the user exits the process at roughly the last two stages of the funnel. Why? Well, SEO will tell you that and SEO will help you solve it, that is why it is so important for you to make money.

SEO is responsible for improving those aspects of your website that are not attractive to the user, it makes the purchase process safer, teaches you how to better organize your products, provides strategies to keep the public interested, etc.

Local SEO is trending

Just as voice search and mobile search came to change the way of searching, local SEO is also taking over and has become more important precisely because of these modern and easy searches.

Now, people look for basic services (which they did not before) on the Internet; an Italian food restaurant, a hotel, a sports shoe store, etc.

Local searches have exploded; users already search the Internet for anything they need nearby.

One of the reasons to make an investment in SEO is because it will help you optimize your business for local SEO .

Because Google’s primary goal is that the user is satisfied , local searches are important to it, as it can provide better results to your audience when they demand a search by location or ‘near them’.

Doing local SEO can be very beneficial for your online company, as it gives you the opportunity to appear on the Google map, generate more traffic and help you have a better ranking in the search engine, because when configuring your website for Google My Bussines , this tells Google that you are trustworthy and that it can recommend you to its users .

Investing in SEO provides the growth of your business

At the beginning of the post, I told you to look at the SEO investment as an asset and not as an expense. Well, when it comes to assets, it is not only about money, but about other benefits, such as the growth of your business.

Doing SEO helps you do this, because by having a company optimized in the search engines you can grow while you accumulate authority in your niche ; This is achieved as the content of your website becomes viral, it is shared on social networks and other platforms, when you participate in forums related to your brand or give contributions to third parties.

SEO is an opportunity to expand, go further, and reach more people.

All this, taken together, is summarized in growth, and clearly leads you to get more money, because who does not want to buy a product to someone you think is an expert in a certain niche? I do!

You need SEO to live up to the first page of results

Constant SEO changes can leave anyone with a headache, and I’m not judging them! However, it is not an excuse to lose a privileged position on the results page. Competition on the Internet is growing , and only a few seem to understand it.

Investing in SEO guarantees you to be at the forefront of all the changes that Google and other search engines are making, without losing your web positioning.

Optimizing the contents of your website is key so that you figure in the first results, because now Google prioritizes those contents that are simple but answer basic questions from users.

It also pays more attention to web pages that are optimized for mobile devices and voice searches .

If your content is confusing and not useful, you are not Mobile First and you did not configure your website for mobile searches and local searches, you are far, far away, from appearing among the first options that the search engine shows its users. Do you realize why do SEO? You need to do SEO as soon as possible !

Conclusion: Why do SEO? Because it is investing in constant profits

I don’t think anyone wants temporary success, right? If you have spent money left and right on online advertising or digital marketing campaigns, without achieving real results and that are sustained over time, it is because you have forgotten to do SEO.

Here I showed you 14 reasons why you should do SEO, and I assure you that you will notice positive results once you start applying them in your business.

Do not expect to snap your fingers, and achieve web positioning, a high conversion rate and juicy profits from nowhere, but I guarantee that the benefits you will obtain will be long and term and you will see, in a not too distant horizon, how good SEO can help you be successful .

Make yourself visible! Climb positions in Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google and other Internet search engines? You need a good effective SEO plan!

Why NOT do SEO? 20 SEO myths and lies

Let me guess what you are thinking: you want to sell more and you know that for this you need your website to receive more quality visits , that is, from real potential customers. You also know that for this you need to have more visibility on the Internet, perhaps on social networks, but you know that, above all, you need more visibility in web search engines, and specifically, in Google.

You also know that, to have more visibility in web search engines, you have two options, to hire an advertising management company in Google Ads, or SEO and web positioning, or alternatively do it yourself, of course.

The first option, SEM-PPC advertising, has been ruled out because your company cannot bear the costs that this type of advertising entails, which are sometimes high. Although it is not always the case and, if you want to know more about this, in another article I already talked about how to know if it is better to invest in SEO or SEM-PPC.

So, we have the second option, which is to improve the positioning of your website in the results lists of web search engines, especially Google, when a user searches for the product or service that your company offers, but you do not! you want to do SEO! It’s complicated, too expensive and too much of a hassle! Have I gotten a little closer? Is something like that going around your head, or am I wrong? I understand you perfectly and, that you think that doing SEO Marketing is normal, with the amount of myths and legends about SEO that circulate on the Internet.

Due to the amount of myths and misunderstandings about the optimization of the pages for search engines, SEO, I have encouraged myself to write this article, to shed some light and truth on this whole matter, with objective information as a result from my training as an SEO technician and from my experience launching SEO campaigns for web positioning.

I know, from experience, that when someone receives an offer of SEO services for their company’s website, there are many ideas that go around their head and, most of these, have to do with negative conceptions about SEO , which they have read “Out there” or you have been told, the high cost of investing in this type of marketing actions or, simply, you are invaded by serious doubts about whether you will really get benefits and if they will compensate the investment involved.

SEO does work although, many times, what does not work is the way in which the “expert” company in web positioning has designed the SEO strategy or is applying the optimizations,

For this reason, I recommend that you read this article and consult it with the candidate company to take charge of doing the SEO of your company. In the same way, you can also ask us about our web positioning services, which include effective SEO plans, suitable for your pocket, personalized and that guarantee you achieve real objectives.

Are you still an SEO infidel and wondering why do SEO? Won’t last long, word! We are going to see the main and most common myths that surround that SEO does not work , surely you will feel identified with more than one objection from those listed when hiring the SEO service !

SEO is one more scam that circulates on the Internet

We started strong, huh? Well, I have met many companies that claim, on the basis, that SEO is a scam, a scam, on a par with the other scams that circulate on the Internet.

This blunt statement has nothing to do with SEO itself, but with the company or so-called expert who was hired to launch the SEO strategy and campaign.

SEO is not a scam; you just haven’t gone to the right professionals.

We can’t generalize, right? The fact that we have had a bad experience with some scammers does not invalidate the great achievements that, on a daily basis, many responsible SEO professionals are achieving for their clients, through a serious, responsible and efficient work methodology.

Why do SEO? SEO doesn’t work!

I am surprised to see how many claim that SEO does not work lightly and emphatically, trying to make us believe that SEO is dead and that it is not worth investing in it .

Well, it isn’t! The title of this article may have made you believe that you really don’t have to do SEO , but let’s turn your objections to SEO around.

SEO does work and, although it is constantly changing, it is a powerful way to win over search engines.

Although I will not lie to you dear reader; changes in SEO are periodic and constant, as web search engines frequently update their requirements regarding techniques and the way to position a web page, which means that you have to be updating.

However, this does not mean that SEO is outdated or not working , quite the contrary! It is a tremendously effective way to conquer the search engines, Google the first, and to achieve the visibility that your company needs on the Internet. Doing SEO is vital to your digital marketing plans and to growing your brand.

If you think that, due to frequent SEO updates, it is being forgotten in your marketing strategies, then you are vetoing your company from the top positions in the results lists of web search engines, such as Google or Bing and, In that case, dear reader, what company can endure without appearing on Google while its competitors are?

Doing SEO is dangerous and unpredictable, why risk it?

This is not true either! It’s one of the most common SEO myths! SEO web positioning campaigns is a very predictable Internet marketing strategy with marked trends and forecasts, although that does not mean that the exact results that will be achieved can be predicted, of course.

A true SEO expert, well documented on the techniques and trends of doing SEO, as well as making the most of these techniques to achieve the objectives of the company, will know perfectly how to approach the SEO strategy according to the type of company, sector commercial and potential client profile.

SEO requires patience and testing until you know which techniques are most effective for your business, but trust me, it’s worth the work!

With SEO, do not expect your website to rank among the first from one day to the next , but you can be sure that you will achieve real, expected and lasting results, as well as that they will make you improve the most important SEO metrics of your website, achieving more traffic and visits to your website as well as a better user experience, your potential client, with your website.

Faced with this reality, there are many companies that spend large amounts of money on advertising, but completely forget about SEO.

 Although investing in an SEM-PPC advertising campaign on web search engines has its advantages, for many reasons, it is convenient for you to plan your SEM-PPC advertisements together with a good SEO strategy , to ensure that you achieve unbeatable results on both fronts and strategies.

SEO is a risk in the face of a Google update

As I said before, it is not about giving guarantees blindly, although you do have to define a realistic risk scenario , as in all commercial planning, right?

There are many companies and professionals who put the label of ‘dangerous’ to SEO because they worry about what would happen to their web page if, at some point, the web search engines, with Google in the head, update their algorithms and the formulas that They dictate whether a web page should rank first in their results lists, or twentieth.

Honestly, there is a certain risk in SEO, but if you have serious SEO experts, this risk is preventable and easily solvable.

On the other hand, most SEO updates and optimizations, which are made on a web page, do not have a major impact on your web page.

Therefore, before accepting an SEO plan and strategy for your website, be sure to ask about the risks involved in these actions and modifications of your website with Internet search engines. 

At this point, it goes without saying that all the SEO actions you perform on your website must be legal actions, known as White Hat SEO , something that surely any real SEO expert is offering you. 

In the same way, reject any dangerous or risky action, known as Black Hat SEO that could end up carrying a sanction by web search engines such as Google,

SEO requires too many changes to my website, or make it new!

Another objection, when a company receives an offer of services from an SEO agency , is that they are afraid of having to change too many aspects of their website, or even having to create a new website that is adapt correctly to the criteria and trends of SEO!

Again, I can’t lie to you: if your website is a technical disaster and is not offering a good user experience or a minimum of SEO optimization for web search engines like Google, it will surely be easier and cheaper for you to make a page new website , which is fully optimized at a technical level, also at the level of SEO optimization and which really offers an excellent excellent user experience, rather than trying to fix all the problems and follow all the advice, regarding design and programming, to improve the SEO web positioning that your current web page may have.

A team of serious SEO experts will be in charge of assessing, watching over your interests, if it is more worthwhile to optimize your current website or create a new website fully optimized in SEO.

If so, do not hesitate to trust real experts and follow their recommendation. While it is true that this may involve an expense that you did not initially foresee, the minimum results that must guarantee you well will make that additional investment worth it.

SEO is a nuisance that ends up damaging my website

That an SEO optimization strategy interferes, to a greater or lesser extent, with the code of your web page should be a matter that your web developer and his work team should take care of; and not that it is a problem that you should assess or deal with. If they transfer that problem to your company, be suspicious and think about changing SEO companies!

But since we have begun to address this point, I must tell you that this is not entirely true. In fact, we cannot consider it as interference, but rather we should see it as an opportunity to adapt the code of the web page so that it is in tune with the criteria and requirements of SEO, most of the times related to the optimal experience. of the user.

Optimizing the SEO of your website should not be seen as a nuisance, but as a business opportunity to be visible to your real potential clients.

Therefore, this is not something dramatic or catastrophic. Optimizing the SEO of a web page is, rather, a marketing strategy that will benefit your company in many ways but, above all, achieving a better ranking in web search engines and reaching your target audience, your potential clients, when they look for something related to your company.

SEO is too technical and complicated

Yes, it is true that SEO can get very technical , but that is why you do not have to do SEO alone. In fact, you don’t even have to do it yourself, you should leave it in professional hands.

In the case of delegating the optimization tasks to SEO experts, you will have the opportunity to learn how it works and how it is applied if your SEO team helps you with that.

I waste my money on SEO because it is very changeable

It is true that everything about SEO is not yet written. Many updates happen very quickly and it is normal for search engines to modify their algorithms or create new ones.

But this is not a problem when the SEO of your website, and the experts behind it, are aware of such changes and it is strong and efficient SEO.

If you have SEO experts, they will be aware of these changes, which, most do not involve visual changes to your website.

In addition, most of the changes are oriented towards SEO and the user’s search intention , to understand what he really wants, which translates into a more human and efficient search method, with the enormous benefits that this entails for your company. and commercial marketing.

I’m already using an SEO plugin on my website, I don’t need to do more!

Really? Come on … everything that includes SEO cannot be included in a single WordPress plugin , not even SEO Yoast, although it is helpful , it can offer you the SEO optimization of your website. If it were that easy, I wouldn’t be writing this article!

A plugin only includes certain basic aspects of SEO optimization, mainly related to web content.

Although content is the king of a web page, you have to do other maneuvers to get it correctly indexed, positioned and linked, and a plugin does not have SEO super-powers to achieve this, hopefully! But no.

Internal and external linking are key when it comes to improving SEO web positioning, as they are indicative that you are offering high-quality content and that users can find valuable information on your website. Is this going to be done by a plugin? Of course not! It is the actions of a tailor-made SEO service that manage to implement the correct Linkbuilding strategies .

Limiting the growth of your Internet business to a complement (either free or paid) robs you of the opportunity to achieve the visibility that your web content and your company deserve, in front of your potential clients.

It is too expensive! Why do SEO?

One of the main excuses why people don’t invest in SEO is because it has been labeled as a ‘very expensive’ service.

SEO services are not free, but they do not have to be expensive, did you know that many SEO campaigns obtain good results with an investment of 150$ per month?

In fact, many SEO haters do spend a lot of money on search engine advertising campaigns based on pay per click (PPC), without knowing that SEO is much cheaper , guarantees a higher ROI and is effective in many, many ways.

On the other hand, there are SEO plans for any type of client, company or according to the cost and medium-term objectives of each one. What you have to do is sit down with an SEO company to discuss it and come up with an SEO plan adapted to your need.

I can’t tell if SEO is really being profitable for my company

Another common objection when deciding whether or not to do SEO is that the client needs clear figures in terms of ROI (return on investment) , but this cannot be measured before having implemented SEO, right?

Today there are many ways to obtain exact figures regarding the benefits that SEO actions are bringing to your company.

If you want to know exact numbers, you can use Google Analytics to know the rate of clicks, visits, bounce rate , conversions achieved and other metrics that allow you to calculate results and the return on investment that your SEO is offering to your company.

SEO is dead; Only search engine ads work!

This is one of the objections that I like to refute the most; Don’t just bet on pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising campaigns because when you can’t spend more money on them, what will happen when you pause the advertising campaign? , Where will your website be? I already told you, again hidden among the last pages of results!

On the other hand, SEO improvements and optimizations remain over time, the achievements are continuous and can be perfectly combined with your pay-per-click plans or other marketing strategies.

SEO is not dead and will not be; It is a strategy that offers results, in the short and long term, is growing and is continually reinventing itself.

Statistics in all market studies indicate that users search for information on web search engines before deciding to buy a product or service. 

So, how come advertising ads reign in the SERP (search engine results lists? There may be pages, from Google and other search engines, saturated with ads related to your niche, but that does not mean that you should prefer to invest in PPC and forget about SEO. In fact, it would be best to seriously consider whether to invest in SEO or SEM, or better yet, both!

Remember, you are not only looking to sell , but also to retain customers and be of help to them through useful content, right? Well, you can only offer quality content on your website if you bet on SEO and they find you because, otherwise, what is the use of offering useful content if nobody reads it?

There are better ways to generate traffic than SEO

I want to be clear once again: with the Social Media boom there are many ways to generate traffic that may seem more attractive than SEO. However, they are momentary loves, which obviously must be taken advantage of, but which are not usually long-lasting.

Social media is governed by trends , but what is trending today will no longer be tomorrow.

As for the advertising and pay-per-click campaigns, yes, they are effective but, as I already mentioned, they have a time limit, as long as you pay for the advertising month by month.

When you stop paying, you disappear .

The web user traffic that SEO brings you is usually more objective and of higher value, with a greater chance of becoming real clients of your company.

For your business to achieve its objectives continuously, you must take advantage of social networks, invest in PPC advertising but, above all, prioritize SEO above all else; It is the strategy that really ensures you continuous results in the medium and long term.

SEO takes too long to see results

Good things don’t happen overnight; SEO takes time, it’s true! But you will get positive results that also last over time.

If you understand how SEO works, you will understand that it is a continuous process and that it also offers continuous results .

SEO does not offer results with an expiration date, as it does with advertising campaigns (PPC or SEM).

Let’s say SEO is like a marriage, which must be nurtured and cared for on a daily basis. As in marriage, the correct techniques will leave you a happy ‘home’ that lasts over time. There is no gray hair with SEO! Do you marry him or do not expect that a relationship of a few months will leave you good results.

Why do SEO? Do I really need it?

This response is common in those who have not yet decided to invest in SEO , and choose to delay making this business decision.

In these cases, it is key to get good advice on a commercial and marketing level, especially digital marketing. If the advisor is serious, he will bet on SEO among his strategies.

In the same way, it is important to check the results of the competition, because SEO is probably the reason why your competitors have better results and better positions in web search engines than your website.

My brand is strong; I don’t need SEO

Another of the most common objections from customers is that they believe that by having a well-known brand, they have already done everything, but it is not like that!

Your brand may be known but, if you don’t bet on SEO, you won’t be able to attract new customers.

That is, you will have the same current client portfolio, because when someone looks for a product or service related to your niche, if your business is not supported by SEO, the search engines will not be able to locate you and they will do so with your competition, well sure they are already working on the SEO of their web pages, do you want that? Surely not!

A strong brand on the internet, without SEO, is destined to stagnate and not grow any further . Expand your horizons! That is part of what SEO can help you achieve.

My brand is enough to reach your visibility goals

A business will never be 100% just by publicizing its brand name, not even Nike, Levi’s or world-renowned brands.

In fact, if you do a little research you will discover that these famous brands have bet and are continuously betting on SEO , and not only because they have the financial resources to ‘waste’ their money on SEO, but because they understood that:

To expand your brand in the online world, and reach more audiences, you must invest in SEO.

SEO has left great benefits in popular brands, making search engines see what the brand represents worldwide. Will you let this opportunity pass you by?

Search engines will already find my website on their own, why do I need to do SEO?

This is one of the worst objections; in fact, every time I hear it, it makes me turn green like the Hulk, hehe … But I’ll calmly explain it to you like this, why leave it to chance or the luck of the search engines to “find you”? Do you think it is worth leaving your business traffic and your sales in random processes ? I hope you answered no, please!

You cannot go through life waiting to be found, but you have to create the conditions to be found.

If this were not the case, when someone sets up a physical store it would not take as long to choose the best place to be found by the target audience, or to put up advertisements on the street or local newspapers.

The same happens on the internet, you have to select keywords and search terms with which you want to be found and start working on it, how? Well with SEO!

Don’t expect Google or any other search engine to have to figure out who you are and what you offer, as you will grow roots as your competition reaches the top of your niche at the speed of light. Let SEO chart the correct route to reach you .

SEO and its professionals do not offer me guarantees

Let me be a bit clear on this point. What do you understand by “guarantees”? If you expect your SEO provider to tell you that it guarantees you 1 million visits in a month with SEO alone, you still don’t understand what SEO is about but, if it turns out that it does, run away and look for a new company that actually be serious SEO professionals.

So am I implying that SEO is “no warranties”? No! And to do this would be to lie.

To do a correct SEO optimization is to follow the guidelines that Google, and other web search engines, have published to “be good” with them.

The guarantees are given by Google as it states that, thanks to SEO, your company will have greater visibility in its results lists when someone searches for your products or services.

Therefore, you do not need guarantees if Google itself is telling you that to achieve a better ranking, gain traffic, improve sales and that your page is not considered as a site with thin content you must apply certain SEO mechanisms and some changes that will allow their systems (Bots) track you and position you correctly. It’s that easy.

No SEO company gives me enough confidence

It is normal that companies are not entirely willing to give a “stranger” all access to their website or the freedom to “disrupt” it. I understand it and it seems fine to me. In fact, one of my goals with this article is that you be careful when hiring this type of SEO services , there are many scammers out there prowling to see what fish they catch!

To reduce the mistrust that can lead to leaving your business in strange hands and making the decision to invest in SEO, ask how long the work to be done will last, what experience does the person or team that will be in charge have, what other clients have attended , and all the questions that occur to you along the way.

Don’t be shy about asking opinions directly from current clients of the company, or past clients for whom you have worked. It is also important that you make a backup copy of the entire web page, before the SEO company begins its work and ask them for a confidentiality and trade secret agreement.

Let’s position your website at the top of Google!

No trap or cardboard; We develop realistic and effective web positioning campaigns (SEO) in Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to your company and with objectives that give real results.

Conclusion: not doing SEO and your fears limit the growth of your company

SEO optimization for web positioning offers great advantages to expand the possibilities of any company on the Internet.

Not doing SEO, on the other hand, means limiting such possibilities, reducing them only to social media strategies and advertising campaigns (SEM – PPC).

This, although effective in some respects, does not allow you to be in tune with the search engines and position your content in a way that the audience finds it and considers it useful.

The web quality content that both loves to Google, goes into effect if it follows the parameters of SEO and statistics reveal that before a customer buys something online way, the investigating client, compares, read reviews of products and is documented, so why not go for SEO?

I am very curious to know what you think of SEO now, are you still incredulous? Will you give it a try? Send me your questions and comments, with the simple form that you will find below.

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